My seven months recovery journey

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Dear reader,

During June of 2018 I spent a month at the hospital, mostly for my eating disorder, but also for many other little problems I have. They made me realize I also struggle with OCD and two months after leaving my depression was making a come back. It has been seven months since it all happened and I really wanted to take the time to write about my recovery because it sure hasn’t been a straight line, but I’m still making progress and I am definitely going somewhere.

So, here is my seven months recovery journey.

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The tropes book tag

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Dear reader,

Now that I am back I decided to catch up on all the book tags people tagged me on. I am starting with the tropes book tag, created by Jes Reads Books. Romie tagged me to do so, who is a great friend of mine and a girl I truly admire. I highly recommend you all to follow her blog. Anyway, thank you, Romie!

Without further ado, let‘s jump into the tropes book tag!

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december + january wrap-up, favourites and others 🌨

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Dear reader,

I know that I haven’t been the most consistent and active blogger. What made it worse was that my computer has been broken while I was at the hospital this summer. Ever since it has been harder to blog, even though I really wanted to. Well, I am happy to say that I am now back and that I have a brand new computer. I can now finally blog at home and at peace, and I have so many ideas that I can’t wait to share with you all.

As I disappeared for a while I decided to start my comeback with a wrap-up for the months of both December and January. I hope that it’s okay with you all. I missed you and am so happy to be back!

Without further ado, let’s jump into my December and January wrap-up!

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I am back, and for good!

Dear reader,

I am writing to you on my brand new computer. That’s it, I finally have it!

I am thrilled to announce that I am finally back on my blog. Not having a computer was weird and kept me from blogging, but now I am proud to say that I am back for good. I missed everything about it, and I missed you most of all.

Please bear with me as I catch up on everything I missed and try to organise myself once again around here. Hopefully I’ll be posting my January wrap-up next week.

So! How have you been? What have you been reading? Tell me everything!

Love always


November wrap-up, favourites and other ❄

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Dear reader,

I know that I disappeared once again. The truth is that my computer stopped working around the summer and ever since I have been blogging on my work computer during my lunch breaks, which became very tiring. I should be buying myself a new computer after Christmas so until then, please bear with me!

Even though I can’t blog a lot I still wanted to wrap-up my month of November!

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Finally Fall Book Tag

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Dear reader,

This year I am trying to stay in a very autumnal mood this November, because I usually just jump right into Winter and then it feels as if Autumn lasted only two days. Obviously I still want to start getting excited for Christmas but I can still enjoy those last days with orange leaves on the ground and grey skies.

That’s why I decided to finally do the Finally Fall Book Tag created by Tall Tales that the lovely Emilly @ Jump Into the Page tagged me onto a few weeks ago – thank you again so much!

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October wrap-up, favourites and other 🍂


Dear reader,

A few weeks ago I told you I was taking a short break to focus on my exams and to relax a bit. This break ended up lasting quite a few more weeks. I would have blogged but as I don’t have a computer anymore (I am saving money to buy myself a new one) I can’t blog from home and have to wait for my lunch breaks at work, which means that I’m not always in the mood for it. Anyhow, this time I pushed myself to sit down and to write my October wrap-up as I did many things this month and need to sort it all out.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into what my October was made of! 🍂

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