Seasons & Books | My favourite pastel covers 🌸🌿


Dear reader,

Last year I started a new blog post series which is all about matching covers with seasons, not because of what is on them but because of their colours. I already did it for Autumn and for Winter.

Today I am back to it, ready to match book covers with Spring! And because Spring means everything delicate and flowers starting to bloom for me, here are some of my favourite pastel covers.

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My reading routine at home 👩‍💻📗


Dear reader,

It’s been a while since I last talked about my reading habits. Last year I was writing about my favourite places to read, for example, and I adored writing this blog post. So I decided to talk more about those little things, like I did when I wrote how I track my reading, because we are all different when it comes to reading: some will read with bookmarks, some read without the dust jacket of their books, some love to read on their bed and some can’t read with music in their ears.

So, to start this series of blog posts about reading habits, today I’m going to talk about my reading routine at home!

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Three Star Wars books I want to read right now 💫📚


Dear reader,

The world is a scary place, and I am now working from home. That allows me to have more time for reading, but also for blogging. I know I was a bit absent for the past few weeks but I’m now back, and I hope to write a lot of blog posts ahead of their scheduling date.

Today I am here to tell you all about those three Star Wars books I want to read right now, as it was part of my 2020 bookish resolutions to read more Star Wars novels!

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Three steampunk books I want to read ⚙️📓


Dear reader,

At the beginning of the year I told you all about my 2020 bookish resolutions. One of them was, and already was in my bookish resolutions for 2018, to read more steampunk book. In 2017 I indeed discovered that I adored this genre and have been meaning to read more of it ever since. To motivate myself to finally get to it I browsed tons of lists to find a few books that caught my interest.

Without further ado here are three steampunk novels I want to read!

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Five books I really want to read right now 📚⏳


Dear reader,

We all have this awful and way too long list we call “TBR” or “wish-list”, about all the books we are planning on reading someday (“someday” being the key word and meaning a time between tomorrow and the next ten years). But on it we usually have a few books we do intend on reading sooner than others, those books we simply cannot wait to put our hands on.

That’s why I’m presenting you today five books I really want to read right now!

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My favourite Disney movies, in aesthetics 🐭🎬


Dear reader,

I am a huge Disney fan and have been forever. My parents were too so they took us to Disneyland Paris all the time, took us to the movies to see the new Disney ones ever since we were extremely little and so on. We ended up being all huge fans (me, my sister and brother) and when I realized I never once talked about it on my blog it felt weird.

Therefor here are my favourite Disney movies, but in aesthetics!

Ps: All the pictures come from Pinterest.

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On the romance genre 💌💋


Dear reader,

I barely ever write discussion posts because I never felt as if I was good enough to do this, or as if I I was simply good at writing those kind of blog posts. As today is Valentine’s Day I wanted to talk about something which can be seen surprising from me: the romance genre. It used to be my favourite, it brought me a lot… until I stopped reading it in 2017.

Without further ado, here is everything I think about the romance genre.

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