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This website’s graphics used have been created by me taking images for free from Canva and pictures from Pinterest (I usually credit Pinterest as I can’t find who took the pictures originally) and modifying them for my needs. I own the rights for all of them, so please do not use any graphics on this website without direct permission from me. If you want to quote one of my blog post, please credit me.

All the book covers used in review posts are taken from Goodreads. Other photos including the books are my personal images. Sometimes I can use other covers for movies or series, which I find on Google.


I buy myself all of the books I review or feature on this blog, but it may happen that a book have been gifted to me by my friends or family, won in a giveaway or received for free in exchange for an honest review. All reviews are true and based on my personal opinion – receiving it from the publishing house itself or the author doesn’t change anything.