My favourite things to do on a weekend

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Dear reader,

We all love this feeling when we are leaving the office or our last class on a Friday evening, excited to go home and to be free for two whole days. I am not an exception: I love weekends, and I’m always trying to make the most of it. So today I thought I’ll share some hapiness with you by discusting what are my favourite things to do on a weekend!


It barely ever happens, but I’m trying to do it more and more because resting and taking care of yourself is oh so important.

I used to hate being alone and even though I still live with family, I can sometimes feel very lonely whenever I stay at home (although I love spending some time with my sister and she’s always fun to be around). However, I learned to embrace myself and to love being with me, myself and I. I can take some time to breathe, to reload my batteries and it feels good.

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Usually, I tend to take care of myself, stay in bed with some tea and tons of books. I can also watch Netflix or some booktube videos, and probably eat tons of popcorns (tea and popcorns are all I eat on a daily basis). I can study, write my novel, work out, play guitar, or even do nothing. Everything is up to you, and having two whole days dedicated to your own hapiness… Well, there’s nothing better than that, right?


Ever since January I got a movie card which allows me to go to the movies how many times I want. It truly changed my life. I got it with my friend Lucie, so everytime she is staying in Paris for the weekend we try to go see as many movies as we can. (Again, I can eat popcorns and drink lemonade, so it’s all good.)

I have to say that it is very hard for me to concentrate and to stay focus, but going to the movies more and more really helped me to appreciate the moment and what is happening in front of me.


You may not know this about me but I love to go out to drink with my friends and have fun. We usually do this a lot during the summer because we can stay all night outside, and we also need money so we can’t do it all the time, but it’s one of my favourite things to do. As I am writing this, we are going out to party with my friends tomorrow night and I couldn’t be more excited.

We don’t do clubs and all – a night out for us is usually eating in a US dinner and then spending the night in an Irish pub, drinking and drinking and… well, drinking. (Please note that we are all legal and that we are very careful when we drink outside of someone’s house.) Being able to laugh with my friends and think about something else than studies and jobs stuff feels way too good.


And here’s what I usually do during the weekends: I go out, and that’s it. We can either take bookstagram pictures, go bookshopping, go to a museum or two, spend the afternoon in a café talking, studying and reading, try new places, sit near la Seine, take a tea break… The options are endless, and we always have something to do. Paris is full of possibilities and is always making us, and me, the happiest.

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I am currently working on a blog post about my favourite spots in Paris, as many people ask me this question on Instagram, and I hope you’ll all love it.

Well, here it is… And now I just want to go home and wait for the weekend to come.

Tell me some of your favourite things to do on a weekend!

Love always,


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7 thoughts on “My favourite things to do on a weekend”

  1. Lovely post! I really like to take some time to relax on the weekend as well, these moment where you can just chill and take care of yourself are great and so important 🙂
    I’ll be looking forward to your post on the best places in Paris, I’ve been there quite a few times now, but I’m sure I haven’t explored everything just yet 😀


  2. On the weekends I try to plan a date with my boyfriend. I live in an other city and the weekends the only times we see each other. So we go for some icecream or watch a movie together 🙂 But I also love to snuggle up in bed with a good book all by myself.


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