Get to know me

  • Clara
  • 21yo (birthday on October the 17th)
  • female (she/her)
  • libra
  • slytherclaw
  • infj-t
  • Paris, FR

Things I love

  • reading
  • taking picutres
  • writing
  • playing guitar and singing
  • mythology
  • ancient greek
  • dramione (hp)
  • the marauder erea (hp)
  • lin manuel-miranda
  • travelling
  • uk
  • big cities
  • museums
  • glitters
  • winter/autumn
  • tea
  • halloween
  • christmas
  • disney movies (Beauty and the Beast, The huntchback of Notre-Dame and Hercules)
  • pokemon
  • fairy lights
  • booktube/bookstagram
  • musicals
  • posi accounts

Favorite books

  • harry potter
  • the perks of being a wallflower
  • thoughtless
  • the lessons
  • the infernal devices
  • the dark artifices
  • throne of glass
  • fangirl
  • dracula
  • a brave new world

Favorite fictional characters

  • hermione granger
  • julian blackthorn
  • emma carstairs
  • remus lupin
  • kellan kyle (the love of my life)
  • chaol westfall
  • elias venturius
  • annabeth chase
  • celaena sardothien
  • tessa grey
  • charlie
  • cameron hamilton
  • percy jackson

Tv shows

  • new girl
  • crazy ex-girlfriend
  • baby daddy
  • the big bang theory
  • the mindy project
  • f.r.i.e.n.d.s
  • modern family
  • brooklyn nine-nine
  • outlander
  • supernatural
  • the walking dead

Fun facts

  • when I was a kid, I had a crush on Leonard de Vinci (for real; i read so many books about him and his work) and even visited his house and cried because I was so happy
  • also i was obsessed with egyptian and greek mythology (still the case) and I wanted to become an archeologist
  • i have a LOT of straws under my bed and in my bag because I just love to drink with it and I have a weird obsession with it??
  • i have a tee-shirt of kellan kyle’s band even though it doesn’t even exist

Basically I’m just a little ball full of love, and I love you, you strong and beautiful people reading this. ❥ 


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