Review policy

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 My review policy

I accept both print copies and e-copies of a book.

I can refuse to review a book for personal reasons and may not answer to the e-mail if the offer doesn’t match with what I usually do or read.

I review books in exchange of an honest opinion which I will post on this blog and on Goodreads. I can also post it on Amazon if asked and take an Instagram picture if I received a print copy of the book.

It may take me some time to answer to your e-mail, to read and/or review the book since I am a student and am also working but I promise to always do my part of the job as long as I accepted it.

Please note that I live in France before asking me anything.

Prefered genres:

  • Fantasy (middle grade, YA and adult),
  • Contemporary (YA),
  • Non-fiction books about feminism, mental health and eating disorders.

Genres I can refuse:

  • Dystopia,
  • Horror/Thriller,
  • Poetry.

My rating system:

1 star: I barely give 1 star, unless the book is dangerous for people (i.e. racist, homophobic etc).
2 stars: I didn’t like it and won’t recommend it.
3 stars: It was enjoyable but it wasn’t extraordinary.
4 stars: It was an amazing book that I highly recommend.

To contact me,

Please refer to this page: Contact me.