Christmas 24h readathon announcement 📕📗


Dear reader,

I am finally back with another 24h readathon! I have been hosting some over the years and always had so much fun. The last one I hosted was back in July and it was the most amazing experience ever: I read so much and so many people joined. And as I love the Christmas holidays so, so much, I decided to make it even more fun…

And that’s why I decided to host another very festive 24h readathon!

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A postcard from Corsica 🗺

Dear reader,

Ever since the 1st of August I have been back home in Corsica, where a side of my family comes from. I came back home today and on the 26th I’m going back to university and then to my new job. Because of it all I won’t be able to blog until September.

I miss you all and hope you are all having an amazing summer. I had tons of fun with my family here and I’m trying to prepare all I can for my new job as a literature teacher! Did I tell you I’ll be teaching two classes of 13 years old starting from September (deux classes de 4èmes)? I can’t wait!

Don’t forget about me, I promise to be back with tons of new blog posts and I honestly can’t wait to catch up and read all of your own work!

Love always,


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I’m going missing for a week or so!

Dear reader,

This weekend I will take the oral exams of my competition to become a literature teacher. I am awfully nervous and my depression has really suffered from it. Because of it, I haven’t been able to focus enough to create content for here. I decided to take a quick break but I will be back from posting in July! I’ll miss you all. 💗

All the love,


The “Hey! I’m alive!” post

Dear reader,

I am still alive. I know, shocking right?! I thought it might be good for me to tell you all that I haven’t disappeared yet.

Actually, as I want to become a literature teacher I have to pass what we call here in France the CAPES competition: basically you first have written exams and if you’re one of the best you go to the oral exams and then if you’re one of those best, then congrats you are a teacher.

Yeah, so…

The written exams are in a week. *panic*

I am okay but all I do is studying and it helps me dealing with my stress and anxiety. Because of it I didn’t have the time to blog. Hopefully I’ll find some time again afterwards, but no matter what I’ll be back as soon as I can.

But I wanted to come by and to check in today to actually thank you all. We are more than 400 people on this page and it’s a lot!

Thank you for trusting me and for making it all so exciting.

I love you all, and will see you all soon.

Love always,


I am back, and for good!

Dear reader,

I am writing to you on my brand new computer. That’s it, I finally have it!

I am thrilled to announce that I am finally back on my blog. Not having a computer was weird and kept me from blogging, but now I am proud to say that I am back for good. I missed everything about it, and I missed you most of all.

Please bear with me as I catch up on everything I missed and try to organise myself once again around here. Hopefully I’ll be posting my January wrap-up next week.

So! How have you been? What have you been reading? Tell me everything!

Love always


November wrap-up, favourites and other ❄

thebookwormofnotredame (3)

Dear reader,

I know that I disappeared once again. The truth is that my computer stopped working around the summer and ever since I have been blogging on my work computer during my lunch breaks, which became very tiring. I should be buying myself a new computer after Christmas so until then, please bear with me!

Even though I can’t blog a lot I still wanted to wrap-up my month of November!

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A quick break

Dear reader,

I just wanted to let you know that I unfortunately won’t be able to post nor be active around here for the week. It’s very short so I don’t think I had to say anything, but as I had three different posts planned I thought I would still show up and keep you all updated.

Tomorrow and on Thursday I have two six hours long exams which are making me very anxious, plus my birthday is tomorrow (which makes me sad this year as I won’t have my grandma with me) and I’m going to a festival with a friend for four days after that. It’ll all be pretty intense, I’m already tired and wanted to keep blogging but I think it’s best for me to focus on my health, my exams and my friends.

I love you all, and thank you for everything.

See you in a week!

Love always,