MHAM | 5 books from my wishlist, mental health edition

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Dear reader,

Let’s jump right in and end this series of blog posts dedicated to Mental Health Awareness Month with those five books I can’t wait to buy and to read which deals with mental health or a mental illness!

Best of Black Friday

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MHAM | What I learned from having a mental illness

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Dear reader,

I remember having to face my first panic attack when I was 11 years old. I have been diagnosed with depression at 14. A lot of other names have been added to all of this, but the whole point is that I have been suffering from a mental illness pretty much my all life. Obviously it helped me being who I am today, even though it does not define me.

I think it’s important to emphasise the fact that none of what I have been through really says anything about myself. I just learned through the years to get something out of it, to see the brightside of it all. So here is what I learned from having a mental illness.

Best of Black Friday

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MHAM | My favourite books with a mental health representation

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Dear reader,

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

If you know me then you know that mental health is something very close to my heart and that I try to bring awareness towards it every day. I talk a lot about it on my Instagram and always try to be honest in order to help others realising that they aren’t alone. Obviously I had to write a few posts dedicated to it this month.

Today I wanted to present to you all my five favourite books which deal with mental health.

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Mental Health Update

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Dear reader,

Last week I wrote a pretty emotional and honest caption over Instagram. After disappearing for a week I thought I had to be sincere since I always want to bring awareness when it comes to mental health issues.

As I am also keeping track of my progress over my blog I thought I could write a little something here as well about how I cope with dealing with a mental illness on a daily basis.

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My seven months recovery journey

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Dear reader,

During June of 2018 I spent a month at the hospital, mostly for my eating disorder, but also for many other little problems I have. They made me realize I also struggle with OCD and two months after leaving my depression was making a come back. It has been seven months since it all happened and I really wanted to take the time to write about my recovery because it sure hasn’t been a straight line, but I’m still making progress and I am definitely going somewhere.

So, here is my seven months recovery journey.

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My tips for coping with a bad day 🍂

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Dear reader,

Now that I am officially back on my blog I can talk again about mental health and everything that is related to it. Today I wanted to talk about something that has been asked to me a lot on Instagram: how to cope with a bad day.

All the tips I will be giving in this blog post can’t work for everyone and my list won’t be exhaustive. Those are just some tips I usually give to people when they had a bad day, but you can’t believe it’ll work every time.

Anyway, let’s get through some of my tips for coping with a bad day.

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My favourite inspirational quotes

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Dear reader,

If you don’t know, I have a thing for quotes. Always had. As I have a great memory I tend to memorise as many as I can and it keeps me going. I even wrote down some on post-its and put them on my mirror to never forget some words. It always makes me happy to reread my favourite quotes and also makes me realise how powerful words are. That’s why I always share one whenever I post on Instagram – I love how words can make us feel better.

As quotes inspire me every day, I decided to share ten of my favourite ones – the ones which keep me motivated and help me on a daily basis when it comes to my mental health.

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