Wrapping up 2021 πŸŒŸπŸ”™

Dear reader,

I know that I completely disappeared from the blogging world, well actually from any platform. 2021 has been a good year on the outside, but it definitely was one of the worth mental health wise. I lost all of my love for reading, the book community, Instagram and therefor blogging. It has made me really sad, obviously, as blogging has been really important for me since 2017. I do not have millions of readers, but I always felt like I could be myself on here. I have been creating the blog posts I always wanted to read, creating content that truly reflected me… but I gave it all up to focus on myself.

I am doing everything I can currently to get better, and that goes with blogging again. Therefor I thought I could start the year with a tradition of mine: a wrap-up of 2021!

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Everything that you missed while I was gone | The biggest wrap up ever πŸ’Œ

Dear reader,

I stopped writing blog posts in May and you may don’t know it, but I love being able to re-read my wrap ups each month as it allows me to see my growth, to reflect on what I’ve been doing all those years and to have more precise memories. Obviously I missed a few months.

Therefor, here is everything (in a nutshell) that you missed while was gone for 4 months!

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April wrap-up, favourites and others πŸŒ»πŸŒ·

Dear reader,

April lasted forever but I’m so glad it’s finally over. In France we were back under lockdown and schools were closed for four weeks (including two weeks of Spring break), so I had to teach online, which I hated doing last year. As I’m writing this I’m going back to work in a few days and I cannot wait. I missed my job so, so much.

April was also the month my anxiety and eating disorder started going downhill again, which is now why I have to see my therapist every two weeks instead of four weeks, but I’m working on it. I still made lots of progress, I still am depression free, so everything will be alright.

Despite it all I kept busy and had a relaxing and productive break! One thing that happened that made me happy was actually to get out of the slump and to fall back in love with reading. I’m hoping me going back to work won’t stop me from keeping reading that much.

Without further ado, here’s my April wrap up!

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