Five tv shows to binge watch this Autumn 🖥☕️


Dear reader,

The other someone on Instagram asked me if I could talk more about tv shows and movies on my blog, and they couldn’t have asked me it at a better time as I was already writing this blog post!

You may have understood by now, but I love Autumn. I never know if it’s my favourite season because I love Winter as well (can both be my favourite seasons?) but I wait all year for its return. Obviously during Autumn I tend to read tons of cosy and spooky books, but I also have certain tv shows I love to watch.

Without further ado, here are five tv shows to binge watch this Fall!

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Gilmoreathon: My TBR and others ☕️


Dear reader,

A few days ago, Olivia @ Liv’s Library, Desi @ Pastel Pages and Mackenzie @ Mackenzie Lane announced that they were hosting a two weeks long Gilmore Girls readathon. I’ve been loving this tv show for years now (the joke is that after watching it for more than five years I still haven’t finished it, but I’m finally eight episodes away from the end) and have been meaning to do another fun readathon after loving way too much the Magical Readathon 2019.

On this post I’ll tell you all about my TBR for it but also all the fun activities I planned next to it!

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September wrap-up, favourites and other


Dear reader,

September has been a tough month: I felt extremely low, got into a reading slump, moved out from our house to a new appartment, am currently a bit sick but have no time to rest and my suicidal thoughts came back, so I have now new meds and tons of appoitments to the hospital to get better. I’m still proud of me because I didn’t stop trying to get better no matter what and here I am today, ready to welcome my favourite month of the year: October. 🎃🍂🌧

October means my birthday, my best friend’s birthday, Halloween 👻 and the official return of the autumnal weather, but this year it also means going back to Disneyland Paris, flying to London for a very bookish reason which I can’t wait to tell you all about (it’s very important and is actually the proof that my work is now aknowledged worldwide speaking), band rehearsals, going to le Parc Astérix and the Paris Comic Con, participating in Victober, going to a pumpkin patch and to the French premiere of Bohemian Rhapsody. I also happen to have extremely important exams on my birthday, but I should be able to survive and do it all.

Before even starting to plan October, let’s recap all the things that happened to me during September.

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