Five tv shows I want to start soon 🎬💻


Dear reader,

I used to watch a lot of tv shows. At one point in my life I was watching as many tv shows as I was reading books. But with my studies becoming harder and my passion for books becoming more and more important I started to watch less series, stopping watching some I followed for years and ended up not making it a priority. It now takes me forever to start a new show, and even longer to finish it. Though I don’t necessarily want to change it in 2020 I still found new tv shows I’m interested in started hopefully soon, and that I wanted to share with you all.

Without further ado here are five tv shows that I want to start watching soon-ish!

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Three tv shows to binge watch this winter 🎞❄️


Dear reader,

I am back with another one of my blog post series, the one where I recommend you several tv show to binge watch for the season! For some reasons I wasn’t totally inspired by winter (or maybe it’s because I don’t watch anything at the moment) so I decided to go with three different tv shows instead of five.

Therefor I give you three tv shows to binge watch this winter!

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Three Christmas movies I can’t wait to watch ❄️ 🎄


Dear reader,

I never said it here but I always loved Christmas movies. What I mean by Christmas movies, of course, are the ones which are badly made with a poor storyline and bad acting. I’m always happy to watch a good and well produced Christmas movie, but I’m mostly here for the cringy ones! And I know I’m not alone with this.

Today I wanted to present you three Christmas movies I am dying to watch this Winter!

Ps: Excuse me for not posting last week, I am under a lot of work and needed a quick break from blogging!

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Five tv shows to binge watch this Autumn 🖥☕️


Dear reader,

The other someone on Instagram asked me if I could talk more about tv shows and movies on my blog, and they couldn’t have asked me it at a better time as I was already writing this blog post!

You may have understood by now, but I love Autumn. I never know if it’s my favourite season because I love Winter as well (can both be my favourite seasons?) but I wait all year for its return. Obviously during Autumn I tend to read tons of cosy and spooky books, but I also have certain tv shows I love to watch.

Without further ado, here are five tv shows to binge watch this Fall!

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What I watched in January

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Dear reader,

You may not know but I do not watch a lot of movies or tv shows. I want to but I have this small problem: I can’t usually focus for more than 30/40 minutes. I tend to get easily distracted, can’t take what I’m watching seriously anymore and do something else next to it. (My friends hate me for this.) However, I decided to change all of this in 2018.

I realised that going to the movies, in this big dark room without any signal, allows me to actually watch the film without saying much. I don’t get as distracted as I use to and I somehow fell in love with the idea of going out to see something on the big screen. That is why I decided to get myself an unlimited movie card, which allows me to go see any movies I want for a small price (as long as I see at least two movies per month). And because I did that, I started to list down all the movies I saw, as I realised that I couldn’t remember anything I saw in 2017 at all.

So here is why I will start talking about movies (and tv shows, as I tend to watch some episodes every night to help me fall asleep) on this blog.

Let’s review what I watched in January.

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