Five books I’m thankful for, in aesthetics πŸ


Dear reader,

I am not American nor Canadian, and therefor I do not celebrate Thanksgiving. But as I am only talking with English speaking bookworms, I have been seeing this holiday everywhere and thought I, too, could write a little bit of something for it.

This is why I am giving you today five books I’m thankful for!

All the images for the aesthetics have been found on Pinterest.

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My autumn bucket list 2019 | A recap πŸ“πŸ‚


Dear reader,

At the beginning of October I posted my Autumn Bucket List, which I do every year. I received a comment asking me if I could ever post a recap of it, telling you if I ended up doing all those things or not. So… Here it is!

I present you my Autumn Bucket List 2019 recap!

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Christmas 24h readathon announcement πŸ“•πŸ“—


Dear reader,

I am finally back with another 24h readathon! I have been hosting some over the years and always had so much fun. The last one I hosted was back in July and it was the most amazing experience ever: I read so much and so many people joined. And as I love the Christmas holidays so, so much, I decided to make it even more fun…

And that’s why I decided to host another very festive 24h readathon!

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