My favourite hobbies that aren’t reading πŸ–€


Dear reader,

I know this blog is mostly dedicated to books, and I do love reading more than anything in the world. I take pictures of books, I write reviews, I look for new releases, I track my reading and so on… But I do have other hobbies, just like anyone does, and I really wanted to write a blog post about it for once.

Without further ado, here are three of my favourite hobbies that aren’t reading!

(For full disclosure, this post is being sponsored by Skillshare.)

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How I edit my pictures | 2018

thebookwormofnotredame (18).png

Dear reader,

If you don’t know, I am mostly a bookstagrammer. I am saying “mostly” because for a while this blog has only been an extension of my Instagram account but I am now taking it way more seriously, and am loving it.

I have been on Instagram for almost two years now and am blessed enough to be followed by more than 20k amazing people. Of course, I receive a lot of questions every day and some people are very curious to know how I edit my pictures. I already wrote a blog post about it on the past but my edit style changed a lot lately and I like to believe that I evolved as well! This is why I am presenting you today how I edit my pictures – indoors and outdoors ones!

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