My spring bucket list ☁️💐

Dear reader,

Spring has been here for quite a while but since we were in lockdown I didn’t feel like writing down a bucket list, which is silly, but anyway.

I love to do that for every season because I absolutely love doing things according to seasons. If you want to see more of my bucket list, you can check them out if you look for “seasons” in my menu.

Without further ado, here is my spring bucket list!

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My Spring 2020 bucket list 🌻🌿


Dear reader,

For the past few years I’ve been writing seasonal bucket lists and I have always loved to do so, as it gives me a few goals for the months to come. However this Spring is different as we are all in lockdown. This bucket list is completely hypothetical and I do realize I probably won’t be able to do many of it, but anyway a girl can dream, right?

Without further ado here is my (dreamy) Spring 2020 bucket list!

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