MHAM | What I learned from having a mental illness

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Dear reader,

I remember having to face my first panic attack when I was 11 years old. I have been diagnosed with depression at 14. A lot of other names have been added to all of this, but the whole point is that I have been suffering from a mental illness pretty much my all life. Obviously it helped me being who I am today, even though it does not define me.

I think it’s important to emphasise the fact that none of what I have been through really says anything about myself. I just learned through the years to get something out of it, to see the brightside of it all. So here is what I learned from having a mental illness.

Best of Black Friday

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Mental Health Update

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Dear reader,

Last week I wrote a pretty emotional and honest caption over Instagram. After disappearing for a week I thought I had to be sincere since I always want to bring awareness when it comes to mental health issues.

As I am also keeping track of my progress over my blog I thought I could write a little something here as well about how I cope with dealing with a mental illness on a daily basis.

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Five books that taught me to love myself first πŸ’—

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Dear reader,

I wanted to write this blog post in time for Valentine’s Day but as I am only getting back to blogging I am only posting it now.

Books and literature have brought me so much in my life. They taught me a lot, made me dream a lot but also showed me what was good about myself, that I wasn’t abnormal and that I deserved to feel loved. That’s why today I want to present you five books that me to love myself first. Continue reading Five books that taught me to love myself first πŸ’—