Suicide Prevention Month | Five books which will make you feel less alone 💛


TW// mentions of suicide in the introduction

Dear reader,

When it comes to mental health, I have only been honest around here. If you have been reading me for a while you may then know that I tried to commit suicide several times in my life. If I talk about it so freely online, it’s only because I wish I would have found others talking about it when I was younger and when I was feeling alone. Well, as it is Suicide Prevention Month, I thought it was only normal to dedicate a blog post to it.

I didn’t want to trigger anyone with this blog post so instead of recommending books which dealt with suicide (I can never read those books, so that’s why I avoided it) I decided to recommend five books which will hopefully make you feel less alone and maybe bring you hope.

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Those three men who changed my life

Dear readers,

Over the years, I came to love and admire many people, either they were fictional or not. Some stayed with me, like Emma Watson who has been my role model since I was 5, and others simply disappeared. They have all been useful at a certain point of my life, like Kellan Kyle or Harry Styles, but the love I had for them wasn’t strong enough for me to keep admiring them as I used to do.

However, three men clearly stole my heart those past few years and made me a better person. I decided to talk about them today as I needed to express my love somewhere. I’ll talk about women later on the blog, as I wanted to focus on those three people who really changed me over the months.

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