October wrap-up, favourites and others 🌧🍄


Dear reader,

October has been, overall, a great month. It was my month birthday, so I had tons and tons of fun. The only problem is that my depression also wanted to be a part of the party and joined me at the end of the month to… well, it hasn’t left yet. But I’m working on it and I don’t want to let it ruin my life like it used to do, so here I am, still fighting! And that’s mostly why I still think October has been great, because I’m stronger than ever.

Anyway, here is my wrap-up for my birthday and the spookiest month, October!


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DIY your own Halloween reading party 👻🎃


Dear reader,

Halloween isn’t a big thing in France. It was a bit celebrated when I was a child because for years I dressed up with my sister and went trick or treating in our street. But times passed and now almost no one opens the door to children anymore, which is super sad. There aren’t tons of Halloween parties thrown either, whether it comes from friends or from pubs. Over the years I then learned how to celebrate by myself, as I always adored Halloween.

Without further ado, I give you my guide to throw yourself your own Halloween reading party!

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Three books to read this Autumn | Part 3, academic mood 📙🎃


Dear reader,

I am finally writing the last part of my Autumn recommendations!

For some people, Fall rhymes with cosy times and for others it goes with everything spooky. But October also is all about school and overall an academic mood. We’re usually still motivated to rock at school because it only started a month ago, and we want to learn everything we can.

Whether you’re still at school/university or not, here are three books to read if you are in an studious mood (and therefor want to read more classics).

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