May wrap-up, favourites and others 🌷🌿

Dear reader,

Look who’s back with her monthly wrap-ups! I’m so excited to be writing this one. Though it always takes me ages to do so, I always love re-reading my wrap-ups to see what I was up to the years before, when I discovered a certain thing and so on.

May was a weird but good month. I’ve been facing my first depressive episode which has been killing me since December, and it was my first time in two years of being depression free. But in May I did all I could to change it: I worked lots on myself, I talked to people I knew I could trust, I saw a therapist again and I started seeing a psychiatrist who gave me antidepressants. Right now, I’m feeling quite good and it’s nice to get my head out of the water after so long.

Without further ado, here’s my May wrap-up!


Since I was in a depressive episode I haven’t read a lot in 2022, mostly because I lost all interests for my hobbies. But in May, since I wanted to get better, I forced myself to get back to all of my socials, in hope it’ll become an habit again, and therefor it made me excited to read again. It took me a whole month to get there, but I’m glad I did it!

Here’s what I read:

  • Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, 5/5 stars (re-read)
  • The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares, 4/5 stars (re-read)
  • Book Lovers by Emily Henry, 4/5 stars
  • Rivals by Katharine McGee, 2.5/5 stars
  • The Burning God by R. F. Kuang, 5/5 stars (which I read in two days, to prove I’m truly out of this weird slump lol).


  • Getting better and re-becoming myself

Obviously, that’s the main thing I’ll remember from this month. I started it in such a different position and I’m really proud of myself for all the work I did. People around me keep telling me how obvious my efforts are and that makes me the happiest. I truly want to get better and I’ll get there, I know I can.

  • Binge watching Attack on Titan with my brother

It became somehow a tradition by the end of February of me going back to my parents’ place to binge watch an entire season almost every time with my brother. Turns out, I finished the anime and am currently reading the mangas to know the end! It was such an amazing experience and I’m glad I shared it with my brother.

  • Going back to DLP

Finally, in May I finally bought a new annual pass for Disneyland Paris and made my big come back. It felt so good to be back and to enjoy all the celebrations for the 30th birthday. I missed it so much!


Since I stopped writing blog posts I do not have a list of all my goals for May, so we’re going to start over! Here is what I want to do in June:

  • To keep getting better,
  • To enjoy the end of the scholar year,
  • To enjoy my friends and boyfriend.

And that’s all!

How was your May? How many books have you read? Which one was your favourite?

Love always,


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