My 2022 bookish resolutions βœ¨πŸ“‹

Dear reader,

I am finally back in the reading game and back in the book community! To be honest I missed it all, and you the most. My blog is my safe place and I’m so excited to be back.

Obviously we cannot start the year without talking about our resolutions, right? So here are all my 2022 bookish goals!

β₯ Read 10 books per month

This one is the most important one. As I said, I disappeared from the book community in 2021 and even stopped reading. For 2022 I want to get back to my old rhythm, and so there was a time (meaning before 2021) I would always read 10 books per month, not because I was forcing myself but because my reading rhythm made me read that much. Sometimes I would read more, but overall I always ended up the year with at least 120 books read. So far this resolution is going great – for the first week of 2022 I read 4 books, not by forcing myself or anything, but because I really wanted to read and finally found a new reading routine I’m happy with. I’m hoping to continue on!

β₯ Read The Lord of the Rings

In 2021 a friend finally made me watch the LotR trilogy (the long version) and I loved it so much that I bought the books. I always loved Tolkien but only ever read books that weren’t really related to this world, so it was time! Last year I read The Hobbit and loved it, so now I’m ready to read this trilogy. I am so excited for it!

β₯ Do my monthly challenge

A lot of people have asked 12 recommendations from their friends to read in 2022, and I wanted to do it but by making it a monthly challenge (I had one back in 2020 and loved it). So I put those 12 recommendations in a jar and am now picking one each month. It’s been lots of fun so far (because I already read the first recommendation, which was great)!

β₯ Catch up with Taylor Jenkins Reid’s books

As you all may know, Daisy Jones and the Six is my favourite book of all time. But how come I only ever read 3 books from Taylor Jenkins Reid? So in 2022 I’m focusing on reading everything she wrote, which will, I know, be amazing.

β₯ Get back to classics

And finally I want to get back to my true love in 2022, classics. I read lots of them in the past, especially back in 2017, and I miss it lots. I want to get excited by it again, to drown in beautiful words by my favourite authors, to actually discover new ones… I know I’ll get to it. And I cannot wait to share my love for them again on here!

And that’s all!

What are your bookish resolutions for 2022?

Love always,


2 thoughts on “My 2022 bookish resolutions βœ¨πŸ“‹”

  1. 10 books per month is fantastic! I tend to read around that much in my breaks from school, but during the semester I barely can make 1 or 2. This year I’d like to try and spread my reading out more and make more time for myself to read (and blog!) even when things get busier during the semester.

    claire @ clairefy


  2. i’m glad to hear you’re back, clara, and i hope 2022 treats you well! i love the idea of monthly challenges and this is something i found gives me so much motivation to read throughout the month too. i challenge myself to re-read one book a month and my sister and i are also planning to have one buddy read a month. i am excited for both challenges and i hope to have great reads by the end of the year! wishing the same for you, clara! 😊


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