3 Disney movies to watch this Autumn | The Autumn Diary 2021 #2 πŸŽ¬πŸŽƒ

Dear reader,

By now you must know I love Disney… right? I have a Disneyland Paris annual pass and grew up with Disney movies as well as Disney Channel shows. So obviously I had to start writing about it.

Therefor here are three Disney movies you have to watch (or rewatch) this autumn!

β₯ The Descendants movies

How can I not start this list with one of my favourite comfort movie series? The Descendants movies are some of my favourites and I always rewatch them whenever I’m feeling low. My sister is obsessed as well and a few weeks ago I told her “You know autumn is coming right? Which means… it’s the perfect time to rewatch Descendants” and we got so excited. They’re Disney Channels movies, so obviously they’re not the best movies ever made, but it’s sweet and fun.

Why you should watch it this autumn: Those movies follow the children of all the heroes and villains we got to know in the Disney movies, like Maleficient, the Beast, Gaston, Cruella, Aurora… Villains are perfect for Halloween, right?

β₯ Lemonade Mouth

When Lemonade Mouth came out, my sister and I became obsessed. To this day we still listen to all the songs and start dancing whenever they play. I don’t know what we did to we deserve the song “She’s So Gone” but I’m so glad it exists. Like, really.

Why you should watch it this autumn: A bunch of teenagers forming a band while being in detention together and performing at Halloween? I mean, all the school content should be enough to convince you to watch it in October.

β₯ Hocus Pocus

I only watched Hocus Pocus on Halloween last year but thought it was super fun and completely understood the hype around it! I definitely had the best night ever watching it and would highly recommend it.

Why you should watch it this autumn: I mean, it’s all about Halloween and witches trying to eat children. Why shouldn’t you watch it this autumn?

And that’s all!

What Disney movies would you recommend for the Fall?

Love always,


5 thoughts on “3 Disney movies to watch this Autumn | The Autumn Diary 2021 #2 πŸŽ¬πŸŽƒ”

  1. Lemonade Mouth is such an underrated DCOM! I remember watching it around the time it came out and I absolutely loved it, more so than some of the other DCOMS that came out around the same time. I’ve never watched Hocus Pocus so when it comes to Autumn films, I reach for Halloweentown or Twitches.


  2. I love all the Disney Halloween movies, so I’ll definitely watch as many of them as I possibly can this month!! And I looove the Descendants movies, those are also on my list πŸ˜€


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