I am BACK!

Dear reader,

I am so happy to finally announce that I’m back on my blog!

I know that I disappeared, which may have seen weird and was definitely weird for me, as I have been posting twice a week for almost three years. But after moving in my first flat alone I have been having a hard time adjusting (pack it up, Taylor Swift) and couldn’t find the time to blog again consistently.

As I’m writing this I’m currently on my last week of summer break and I finally have the time to plan and create content again. I am getting as ahead as I can to be able to post twice a week as I used to, while not being stressed out in writing my blog posts last minute.

I hope that you have all been doing well while I was away, getting used to my new life as a full adult. I am so excited to get back to my reading life and to share everything book related with you!

Ps: Tomorrow is September 1st, which means… MY AUTUMN THEME IS BACK!

Love always,