5 ways to treat yourself in the spring πŸŒ·πŸ’—

Dear reader,

Maybe you didn’t know, but we should treat ourselves every day and not only when we feel like we deserve it. We all need to take care of our minds and bodies, and it starts with doing little things for ourselves.

So in case you didn’t know how to do that, I give you 5 different ways to treat yourself this spring!

β₯ Go on a walk

I love to go on walks, especially now that we are once again in lockdown. I feel like nothing can stop me with a podcast in my ears and the wind in my hair and I always feel more energized afterwards. I also love to go on runs every Sunday, but this may not be for every one, so I feel like walking is a nice alternative to enjoy the outside in spring.

β₯ Drink your favourite iced beverage

Nothing makes me happier than recreating whatever I like to have in cafΓ©s at home. At the moment I love to make myself iced caramel lattes, london fogs and most importantly an iced lemon drink called “un citron pressΓ©” in French. I just sit down to enjoy a book, a movie, a podcast or even to journal with my drink and everything feels right in the world.

β₯ Read a book in the sunlight

I do love rainy days, but I try to enjoy sunny ones as well, especially because my flat looks so pretty whenever there’s lots of natural light coming in. I would usually enjoy the light to read on my couch for a few hours, which will always make me feel at peace.

β₯ Buy yourself flowers

So that’s my new obsession, and I’m not even sorry. I used to think you could only receive flowers as a gift and you could never treat yourself to some, well I was wrong. Now I buy myself flowers every once in a while and it makes me way too happy as it makes my flat super pretty.

β₯ Bake your favourite dessert

Finally, I personally love to bake and I feel like it can easily calm down your mind whenever you need to stop overthinking. Lately I’ve been baking my favourite dessert a lot, which is a lemon and poppy seeds cake (or muffins) and it always makes me the happiest.

And that’s all!

Obviously there are many ways to treat ourselves and those may not be for you, but I hope you know that you deserve nice things, and not only once in a while, but every day.

What’s something you like to do in the spring to make yourself happy?

Love always,


3 thoughts on “5 ways to treat yourself in the spring πŸŒ·πŸ’—”

  1. I love your ideas!! I enjoy cycling during spring time – it’s warm enough to be pleasant, but still not too hot to stay outside β˜€οΈ And flowers, staying in the sun, and baking are also on my spring todo list 🌸


  2. These are all such lovely ideas! This month and the next one will probably be chaotic for me, so I might do well to remember to take breaks and treat myself to something nice. I’ve also been loving going on walks, it’s really peaceful for me, and I always feel great afterwards, but for some reason I’m so lazy to *start* them hahaha


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