Three movies I watched and loved recently, but in aesthetic πŸ“ΊπŸ’—

Dear reader,

You all seem to love whenever I create aesthetics, so I thought of doing another post including some. This time I want to talk about movies because I already watched 30 different ones since 2021 started.

Therefor here are three movies I watched (or rewatched) and loved recently, but in aesthetic!

β₯ Clueless (rewatch)

β₯ The Social Network

β₯ Kingsman

And that’s all!

What is the last movie you watched and loved?

Love always,


11 thoughts on “Three movies I watched and loved recently, but in aesthetic πŸ“ΊπŸ’—”

  1. I WISH i was half as talented when creating moodboards/aesthetic posts. why am i so bad at it i swear lol i’ve been trying to create moodboards for these characters of mine, and so far, i’ve only been able to finish two without getting a headache from going through so many pictures and combinations, hahah.

    the social network is one of my favorite movies of all times! i’m glad to hear you enjoyed it as well. the banter between the characters is so great, all the dialogues just feel so satisfying to watch. also, the mark/wardo dynamic is so angsty i can’t hahah


    1. Tbh it’s HARD! Here’s a trick: create a board on Pinterest with all the pictures you can use in aesthetics!! and you love one, just look for the recommended ones beneath them! You’ll find more pictures with have the same theme or which will fit the color theme!

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  2. Your aesthetics are always so pretty!! πŸ₯° Oooh now I really wanna re-watch Kingsman, I have so much fun with it! I actually can’t remember what the last movie I watched was, but I recently finished watching The Mandalorian!!


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