My 2021 bookish resolutions 🗒✨

Dear reader,

As you may know I have been setting myself bookish resolutions for the past four years, I think, now. If you were curious about my 2020 bookish resolutions, you can check my latest post on it in which I discussed if I actually did them or not.

Anyway, I love to set myself resolutions as I’m someone who needs to have goals and to stay focus all year round. But this year I did it a tad differently because my 2020 resolutions were way too specific to 2019 December old me and I didn’t always feel like doing them a few months into 2020.

Without further ado, let’s talk about my 2021 bookish resolutions!

As I said, my 2020 bookish resolutions were way too specific and only fitted who I was when I was writing them. Obviously if I could I would still list them as my 2021 resolutions, but I do not think it’s a good idea. Resolutions should be manageable all year round, and that’s what I kept in mind while listing my 2021 bookish resolutions. Therefor I only added resolutions I thought of throughout the entirety of 2020 and which I know I will always want to go to. It mostly focuses on authors I love or want to read more of, authors I have been loving and admiring for years now.

Here they are…

 To catch up with Taylor Jenkins Reid novels

Obviously, I couldn’t start my resolutions list without including the author of my favourite book of all time, Daisy Jones and the Six. So far I have also read The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo and had the chance to read an ARC of Malibu Rising, but it isn’t a lot considering all the novels Taylor Jenkins Reid actually wrote and published. Therefor I’m hoping to real them all this year, as I kept thinking about it all through 2020.

 To catch up with Rick Riordan novels

Finally, this was part of my 2020 resolutions but I decided to get on it by November and now that I’m addicted again I’m well determined to complete this goal in 2021. I used to be on track with all the new Rick Riordan releases but because I was disappointed by one a few years ago I completely gave up, which is a shame. I’m so happy to be reading books by him again this year.

 To read more books by Daphne du Maurier

I consider Daphne du Maurier to be one of my favourite classic authors and I did have read quite a few novels by her, but I want to have read all of them. I cannot wait to buy some and to get on reading because I have adored everything I have read from her for now.

 To discover Tolkien’s work

Finally, I need to discover Tolkien this year. I visited Oxford four years ago and got obsessed with him, saw a movie about him which made me spend nights and days looking for infos about him online and even went to an exhibition about his life and work at the beginning of 2020. It’s such a shame that, even though I have read two books by him, I haven’t discovered the Lord of the Rings saga yet. So… Let’s change that in 2021, right?

 To explore more genres

And finally, I want to keep doing something I started doing in 2020: to explore more genres. I fell in love with adult literature in 2020, tried romance and thrillers and non-fiction, which was amazing, and I want to keep doing that. I read so much last year because I went outside of my comfort zone and tried new things. I’m so excited to keep exploring literature!

And that’s all!

Did you set yourself some 2021 bookish resolutions?

Love always,


6 thoughts on “My 2021 bookish resolutions 🗒✨”

  1. I am also trying to read more genres that I don’t generally go to. I’ve started reading Sci-fi this year for the first time and have surprised myself by enjoying it more than I thought I would!
    Also, I really loved Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, but I haven’t read any of her other novels. I want to change this as well!
    Great post!


  2. i only have 2 books to catch up on the riordanverse and i am already sad thinking about not having anything else to read in this universe, hahah. i’ll miss percy and his crew way too much.

    exploring more genres is definitely something i want to be better about in 2021. i pretty much exclusively read YA contemporaries last year, and i kinda miss reading other things, hahah. it’s not that i don’t love YA contemporary anymore, but i think i could benefit from reading outside of my comfort zone more often.

    wishing you all the luck on your goals, clara!


  3. These are lovely goals!! I also want to read a lot of RR this year, I’m planning on re-reading Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and catching up with all the books I’ve missed!! 😀


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