My winter bucket list | The Winter Diary 2020 #10 ☃️ ✨

Dear reader,

I know that I kinda disappeared from this blog, which is weird considering I have been blogging consistently for a few years now. The thing is that I moved from my family’s place to my own apartment and I needed a lot of time to adapt. Now that a month has passed I felt the need to get my life back together, and it started with being back on the blog and on YouTube. So… Here I am again!

Today I’ll present you my late winter bucket list. (I hope you won’t mind that I put all the blog posts I meant to write in January this late.)

(Obviously some things may be impossible due to COVID-19 but I felt like dreaming.)

  • See some snow ❄️
  • Have a cosy day at home 🏠
  • Spend NYE with my friends 🌟
  • Go read in a café ☕️
  • Celebrate Christmas with my family and friends 🎄
pictures found on Pinterest
  • Buy some new turtlenecks and coats 🧥
  • Watch lots of Christmas movies 🎞
  • Read tons of Christmas books 📚 
  • Listen to my Christmas playlist a lot 📻
  • Read some Star Wars novels 💫
pictures found on Pinterest
  • Decorate my space for Winter and Christmas ✨ 
  • Bake sugar cookies 🍪
  • Read with a fireplace ASMR on 🔥
  • Go on a trip somewhere snowy 🗻
  • Have a self care day 🖤

And that’s all!

I have already done a few of this, but some plans had to get cancelled unfortunately. It happens!

What is on your bucket list for the rest of Winter?

Love always,


6 thoughts on “My winter bucket list | The Winter Diary 2020 #10 ☃️ ✨”

  1. hello hello!! I hope moving out went smoothly and that you’ve been able to focus more on yourself again 💖 These are all amazing Winter goals! As for me, I just hoped I would survive this month of exams (I did, at least so far) and I haven’t really thought about the upcoming months, so I really have nothing planned 😅


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