Five characters I would invite to my NYE party | The Winter Diary 2020 #9 ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŽ„

Dear reader,

NYE is just around the corner and I am excited as I will host a very small gathering (hello, COVID-19) into my first flat! I am so happy to have my own place, mostly because I can welcome my friends there and do whatever I want whenever I want. So this NYE is going to be pretty special. Obviously I wanted to write a bookish blog post about it…

Therefor here are the five characters I would invite to my NYE party!

โฅ The one I’ll decorate my house with

There’s one thing I adore about NYE, and it is the rush before when you decorate the house while getting ready and while cooking. I have an amazing memory of it from 2017 (going into 2018) with my best friend and it’s truly something I love the most about this day. So I thought about which fictional character I would want to do it with and I ended up going for Ed from the Paper and Hearts Society series.

Ed is a complete sweetheart who is always doing the absolute most. I think he would be so excited to find a theme for our night and to help me do it all. I’m sure he would bring his cat, which would be amazing as well, and we would just have so much fun together.

โฅ The one I’ll invite as my date

I never had a date for NYE, but if I could choose a fictional character I would have lots of choices. My ultimate book boyfriend is Julian Blackthorn and another fictional character I am in love with is Peter Parker, but just for this once I decided to go with another one… Levi from Fangirl.

Levi is great at parties (despite one accident in Fangirl) and I think he would be an amazing date to have. He is polite, nice, respectful and makes all kind of jokes. I’m very shy and introverted like Cath, so I think he wouldn’t mind my awkwardness at parties and would go along with it, making me feel safe and all.

โฅ The one I’ll drink with

I personally love to drink, especially with my best friend. I totally respect people who do not, but I personally am so happy to go to parties (when we could), to have a few drinks and so on. And for my drinking buddy, I choose Emma from the Dark Artifices series.

Emma is very, very, very brave and doesn’t back down from a challenge. I can totally picture us doing shots at 1am or creating any kind of cocktails we can with what we have. We’ll be trash talking about men all night (sorry Levi) and making too many stupid jokes only us can understand. This would be lots of fun.

โฅ The one I’ll dance with

At parties I absolutely adore dancing, though I have close to no friends who love to do so, so I don’t dance a lot. Another good reason to invite a fictional character, right? And for this one, I’ll go with Leo from the Heroes of Olympus series.

Leo is one of my favourite beans out there. He is so funny, caring and loyal. He would definitely keep dancing with me until 4am before crashing on the couch. I’m sure he would be an amazing dance partner, not taking himself too seriously and doing stupid dances on great songs. I can totally picture it.

โฅ The one I’ll share my secrets at 2am with

Finally, a party isn’t complete without that one friend you confide into late at night, when everything seems peaceful and possible. For this one, I chose Alfie from the Brightsiders.

I totally fell in love with Alfie in this book and I would definitely trust him into sharing anything. I could talk to him about my insecurities, my deepest fears but also my wildest dreams. I’m sure he would end up confiding in me too and we would just look at the stars and talk all night.

And tada! I hope you enjoyed this. For whatever reasons it’s hard for me to talk about characters I love, but I am really glad to have come up with this blog post.

Which characters would you invite to your NYE party?

Love always,


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