Three tv shows to binge watch this Winter | The Winter Diary 2020 #2 πŸ–₯❄️

Dear reader,

It’s now time for our second wintery blog posts! And as always I’m here to talk about tv shows. As you know, I have been recommending you tv shows based one each seasons for two years now. (For more winter recs, check out my Winter tab!)

Therefor, today I’ll be recommending you three tv shows to binge watch this winter!

β₯ Dash and Lily

I only knew they were making a tv show out of this book when the trailer aired, but I have been excited ever since. I wasn’t the biggest fan of the novel but I always thought a movie or a tv show would be a way better media for this story, and I was right. I binge watched Dash and Lily in no time on Netflix and got super into it. It’s fun, quirky and easy to follow. It’ll definitely put you in a Christmassy mood!

β₯ Home for Christmas

So I haven’t finished this show yet but I still wanted to recommend it because I only heard good things about it and really enjoyed what I watched so far! This is a Norwegian tv show, which I wasn’t expecting but made me really happy, and it talks about this woman who is in her 30s, single but completely thriving at life, yet her family only talks about her finding someone and everything around her pressures her to get in a relationship. If you are looking for something a tad mature yet still fun, then this is for you!

β₯ The Mandalorian

I have been watching The Mandalorian ever since it first aired and I have never been disappointed. It may not be a Christmassy show, but Star Wars kinda is a Christmas treat, as the new movies always came out in December. It’s fun, super easy to watch, plus you’ll get to know the famous Baby Yoda, aka the Child. If you love anything sci-fi, then please treat yourself with this one!

And that’s all!

What tv show would you recommend me to binge watch this winter?

Love always,


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