A summer in Paris | What I want to do this summer despite COVID-19 πŸ¦β˜€οΈ

Dear reader,

Like everyone all my summer plans were cancelled because of COVID-19. Well, not all, because there is still hope we can still go to Corsica with my family in August, but my annually London trip in July had to go which broke my heart. So instead of feeling too bad about myself I decided to set myself a bucket list of everything I want to do this summer while being stuck in Paris (hoping I can actually go to Paris safely, since I have to take the metro and stuff).

Anyway, here is everything I want to do this summer despite COVID-19!

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  • Go brunching,
  • Have a picnic,
  • Have a tea date,
Pictures found on Pinterest
  • Go shopping/book shopping,
  • Drink iced coffee next to La Seine,
  • Have friends over at my house for sleepover parties (to watch Hamilton on Disney+ for example),
Pictures found on Pinterest
  • Eat ice cream,
  • Take pictures of my friends,
  • Go to Corsica (fingers crossed).
Pictures found on Pinterest

And that’s it!

What about you? How do you plan to spend your summer?

Love always,


11 thoughts on “A summer in Paris | What I want to do this summer despite COVID-19 πŸ¦β˜€οΈ”

  1. Reading your list makes me want summer to come like right now!! Going out for ice cream is a staple for me, and I just hope I get to go a few times over these next few months. I’m so excited to see Hamilton too!!! I actually had tickets for the broadway show this past spring but that got cancelled and made me so sad. On the bright side though I’m really looking forward to seeing the original cast on Disney +. Gosh, despite COVID, I hope we all still get a great summer this year.


  2. in scotland, we still can’t really do any of these things 😦 we’re only allowed to meet one household at a time and it has to be outdoors with 2m distance. part of me wants things to open back up so life feels normal again; and part of me is too scared. but I do love the sound of all your things! hope you enjoy & stay safe ❀


  3. Your list is so lovely (and definitely gave me lots of ideias)! ❀ 2020 has recently turned my life upside down, so I wanna take this summer to get everything on track and focus on self-love, that I very much need. I also wanna read a lot and go out with friends and get as much vitamin D as possible πŸ˜› And watch Hamilton, yes!!!


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