Make Your MythTaker and Olympic Games Readathons TBRs πŸŒ»πŸ“’

Dear reader,

I am back in the readathon games and in June I’ll be participating not in one but two readathons. To be fair I thought one of those two was taking place in July and realised only a few days ago that I was wrong, so I am now doing both of them because I really wanted to join those two.

Without further ado here are my TBRs for the readathons Make Your MythTaker and Olympic Games!


Ashleigh over at @ A Frolic Through Fiction has been hosting a bookclub focusing on myth, folklore and fairy tale retellings in fantasy books for a few months with Charlotte @ Beige Pages, and I have been meaning to join for so long but never found the time to do so. So when they announced that they were hosting a month-long readathon I knew I had to join.

For this readathon you are creating your own fantasy character and it’s extremely fun because you can switch paths or become someone else at a certain point of the readathon. For example I’m going to start as a monarch but I’ll end up being a goddess. I actually understood the readathon wrong the first time and wanted to be a bandit becoming a monarch, but apparently you cannot do it so I said “screw this, I’ll become even more powerful” and here we are.

For this readathon you have four prompts for which you have to read four books, so it’s quite easy. You can read from any genres and formats, which makes it even better. The only rule is that you have to read it in the order of the path you chose.

Here is my TBR for it!

  • Queen main character

For this one I’m going to go with One Dark Throne. It took me forever to find a book which could fit this prompt because I felt as if I read all of the books which had a queen as the main character (which is probably not true, but anyway). I then saw a recommendation about Three Dark Crows, remembered I read the first book and never continued on with the series. So, that’s what I’ll do!

  • Read a book with royal colours on the cover: red, purple or gold

For this one I’ll be reading my copy of The Court of Miracles, which will fit perfectly. It does have gold on the cover, I have to read it to review it AND it has “court” in the title. Perfect, right?

  • Highest rated

It took me a while to go through my TBR and see on Goodreads which book has the highest rated but I finally know: it’s Clap When You Land, which is one of my most anticipated releases of 2020, so it’s absolutely perfect.

  • Randomise your TBR

So I used a random number generator and fell on Daughter of the Burning City, which is a book I’m awfully excited to be reading. I just bought it because I needed more Amanda Foody in my life, so I hope it won’t disappoint me.


As soon as I heard of this one I knew I had to join. I never ever did a PJO readathon before, and I heard of it before the Disney+ tv show news so it was even more perfect. You can watch the announcement video over at Ishi Time.

For this one you also have a whole month to read four books in whatever order you want to, and you also have some advanced challenges you can do if you want. The rule here is you have to follow the prompts for your cabin, meaning your god or goddess parent. I took the test years and years ago and know that I am an Athena daughter, so here are my mandatory challenges (I won’t do the advanced ones because unfortunately I’ll be very busy in June and can’t prioritize reading)!

  • Athena favours those who seek knowledge beyond all. Read a book that is out of your comfort zone.

For this one I’m going with a buddy re-read which was already planned for June, which is Red, White and Royal Blue. I have been meaning to re-read this one for so long and it is outside of my comfort zone because I’m not the biggest romance fan.

  • Read a book that features a school.

I had no books in my TBR which could fit this prompt, so I had to look at my wishlist and I found A Study in Charlotte. I have been meaning to read it for so long, so it’ll be the perfect opportunity to discover it.

  • Read the longest book on your TBR.

Do I love this challenge? Absolutely not. Will I face it nonetheless? Of course, I’m not an Athena daughter for nothing. The biggest book on my TBR is A Game of Thrones, which I bought a year and a half ago. I guess that it’s time to sit down and to read it.

  • Athena is a favourite among gods and mortals alike. Read a book by your favourite author.

This is the best prompt ever because in June I’m re-reading one of my favourite books of all time, Daisy Jones and the Six. To be fair, Lord of Shadows could also count but I like to have multiple books for both readathons. I’m hosting a readalong of Daisy during the first week of June and it’ll be the perfect way to kick off this readathon.

  • After he betrayed her trust, Athena branded Daedalus with a mark that looked like a partridge. Read a book with a bird on the cover.

Every time I do a readathon this prompt seems to come back and to be fair I don’t have a lot of books with a bird on the cover… But then I realized that The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes was the perfect book for this prompt and I forgot my anger. I mean, how perfect is this?

And that’s all!

Are you participating in any readathons in June? Have you read any of those books?

Love always,


8 thoughts on “Make Your MythTaker and Olympic Games Readathons TBRs πŸŒ»πŸ“’”

  1. ooh I love your Myth-Taker tbr and yes the monarch to goddess upgrade is the only acceptable one πŸ˜†πŸ˜† I’ve seen the Olympic Games on twitter but didn’t really look into it but I love the prompts – I’m also a daughter of Athena (yay cabin mates!)


  2. i am also taking part in the olympic games this month and i’m really excited about it! i thought i was going to be in athena’s cabin and was surprised after taking the test that i actually got poseidon. so i will be going for cabin 3, but the athena prompts are really good!

    hopefully, you’ll enjoy ballad of songbirds and snakes! i’ve heard mixed reviews, so i’ll be looking forward to your thoughts.

    good luck on both readathons!


  3. ahhhh this sounds so fun! πŸ˜€ I’m also taking part in the MakeYourMythTaker readathon (I’m taking the Monarch’s path, it seemed the least stressful hahaha) and the Olympic games seem so good, but honestly reading four books this month + a mandatory book for university seems impossible already in June )): I hope you have lots of fun! Happy reading ❀


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