Why Daisy Jones & The Six is one of my favourite books ever, and announcing my readalong 🎸📕


Dear reader,

If you don’t know, last summer I first read Daisy Jones & the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid and it became quite quickly one of my favourite books in the entire world. Ever since I re-read it three times and am now planning a readalong happening in June (more info at the end of the blog post) to share it with others.

Here is why Daisy Jones & the Six is one of my favourite books ever.


 It made me go through tons of emotions

I listened to the audiobook for a readathon, to fill one of the prompts and because I knew the audiobook was well loved (despite my dislike of audiobooks). I was fully immersed all the time and somehow felt everything. I was shaking at times, kept putting my hands to my mouth to hide how shocked I was, kept praying for something not to happen, have been mad and I cried, I laughed, I smiled. It was a roller coaster of emotions and it’s really rare for me to feel all of this with only one book.

 I was convinced the characters were real

There’s something about how Taylor Jenkins writes that makes you strongly believe that her characters are real. I mean, sure I though this was a real band for a second, but it was more than that. At the end I was a bit mad about something and I gave the book 4.5 stars. It took me a week of dreaming about it every night and thinking about constantly during the days that I realized that the characters clearly made their own decisions and it wasn’t the author’s fault, which may sound dumb obviously, but still. I felt as if the story was too real, that it could have really happened and that it’s probably still happening, and that the characters lived outside of the pages. Having a voice for each one with the audiobook definitely helped that part.

Copie de Publication Twitter – Sans titre-3

 It made me make peace with music

I think that’s what I owe the most to this book. I grew up surrounded by music, considering my dad was a musician, my grand dad was a musical and my great-grand-dad also was a musician. My parents were always listening to rock and metal music, I went to all my dad’s concerts and so I grew up loving those old bands, those old sounds. I was also asked to play instruments, so I learned piano and guitar. I started singing in bands and chorals. Music kinda was everything for me, for a huge part of my life, but I forgot about it while at university. I was feeling really bad and somehow I kept listening to songs which were easy to relate to, which were Broadway songs. After that I stopped playing music and singing and all that stuff. But thanks to Daisy I started listening to those old bands I loved, and I remembered why I loved music so much. So I picked up my guitar again, got singing and I felt good about myself. It definitely was a missing part of me, and I have to thank this book for it.

 It taught me some great lessons

Honestly, this book taught me so much. About love, self love, soulmates, friendship, mental health even. I have a lot of quotes in my mind which just made me thought a lot and were there with me when I needed. It’s a really tragic and heartbreaking book, but it’s also beautiful and raw and emotional. Sometimes you need a book like that to hit you in the face, in your heart, to make you realize some things about yourself.

 It breaks me every time I read it

And finally… No matter how many times I re-read it I always end up broken, but in a good way. I always relive all those emotions. It’s like rewatching a movie. It’ll always give you all those feels, and it’s simply magical.



And so… Here it is! I’m finally announcing my Daisy J readalong happening from the 1st to the 7th of June! I’m planning tons of activities and fun things so we can all enjoy it, and I hope you’ll love it. If you ever want to join you can use the hashtag #daisyjreadalong and tag me on Twitter or Instagram (or even here!). More infos to come soon!

And that’s it!

Have you ever read Daisy Jones and the Six? What’s one of your favourite books?

Love always,



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