March wrap-up, favourites and others 🌸🌿


Dear reader,

March has been a good month when it comes to myself, but a weird one when it comes to the world. Like many other countries, France is currently in lockdown and have been for more than two weeks. As a teacher I am now asked to work from home. It has been stressful at first, I needed a full weekend to fully comprehend what was happening and what it meant for myself and my family, but in the end I am okay. I developed a new routine, I found out I can teach online and I have been doing new things, such as working out. Overall it has been a great month, and I’m thankful no one in my family is sick.

Anyway, let‘s wrap-up this weird month of March!


In March I read 13 books, over a total of 5683 pages, which is good as I read quite a few big books. I’m really happy with myself and I hope I’ll continue to read this much throughout the entire year! Over all of those books I read:

  • 7 fantasy novels, 3 contemporary novels, 1 classic and 2 romance books,
  • 2 adult books and 11 Y1 novels,
  • rated 1 book 2 stars, 6 books 3 stars, 5 books 4 stars and 1 book 5 stars,
  • 7 physical books and 6 digital ones,
  • 3 new releases, 8 backlist books, 1 ARC and 1 re-read.

I did not find any new all time favourites, despite giving Chain of Gold 5 stars (but it’s more a 4.75 stars), but it’s okay. I know I’m way more picky now than I used to be and I’m fine with how I rate books anyway.

Here is everything that I read:

  • The King of Crows by Libba Bray, 4/5 stars


  • The Burning Shadow by Jennifer L. Armentrout, 3 stars


  • Anna K by Jenny Lee, 3/5 stars


  • Two Can Keep a Secret by Karen M. McManus, 3/5 stars


  • Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera, 4/5 stars

You will love this book if you like_-2

  • The Hating Game by Sally Thorne, 4.5/5 stars


  • Days of Blood and Starlight by Laini Taylor, 4/5 stars


  • Bringing Down the Duke by Evie Dunmore, 3/5 stars


  • Les Liaisons dangereuses by Choderlos de Laclos, 4.5/5 stars


  • Dark Shores by Danielle L. Jensen, 3.75/5 stars


  • Chain of Gold by Cassandra Clare, 5/5 stars (re-read) 🌟


  • Looking Glass by Christina Henry, 3.75/5 stars (ARC)


  • Spellslinger by Sebastien de Castell, 2/5 stars


I also started re-reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban but I’m re-reading it with a friend and we are taking our time with it.


March was supposed to be the month of Livre Paris, the big French book fair I’ve been going for years now. It was supposed to be going to the movies, taking new bookstagram pictures, going out for brunch a lot, seeing my friends and spending time in Paris. In the end the world asked us to stay at home and to focus on ourselves, which I did and which was somehow really needed. Here is everything that I loved doing in March!

  • Going out for brunch with my best friend


At the very beginning of March I took my best friend out for brunch for the first time and it was amazing to share that with her. We ate so much and had a whole lot of fun. I miss her so much now.

  • Working out


In March I wanted to work out to take care of my body. Surprisingly, I did. I started by riding our apartment bike twice a week and going out for a walk once a week, and now I’m working out twice every day. I’m riding our apartment bike or doing abs work out or doing basketball or even walking on our treadmill. I’m lucky to have this all at home, and as we live in a school I can use the basketball field, so it’s amazing.

  • Discovering new movies


This month I also started watching movies again and it’s been a lot of fun. I’m finally seeing those movies I’ve been meaning to watch for ages, such as Pride & Prejudice, which I’ve been obsessed with ever since.

  • Rewatching Once Upon a Time

Copie de Publication Twitter – Sans titre

With my sister we decided to rewatch Once Upon a Time, which used to be one of my favourite series when I was in high school. It has been so much fun and I still love this tv show to death.

  • Taking extra care of myself


Finally, as I said, I’ve been focusing on myself this month and I’m proud of myself. Not only have I been free of depression and anxiety for five months now, I also haven’t had any single bulimia crisis in two months and I’ve been losing weight in a very healthy way. I’m loving myself more and more every day, I’m genuinely happy and am realizing that I’m not putting all my happiness in one basket like I used to do, but in myself. I am loving life this year.


In March I wanted to keep up with my work, which I did, to see what I need to register for the driving licence, which I did but I can’t go register myself now, to get back to sport, and I’m proud to say that I did it. I also wanted to take care of my diabetes (look at me taking care of myself) and to spend time with my friends and family, and let’s say I did see my family a lot (well, I’m in lockdown with them).


Here is what I want to do in April:

  • Keep working out,
  • Write a lot of blog posts,
  • Rock the OWLs readathon,
  • Take care of my diabetes,
  • Study and work a lot.

And that’s all!

How was your March? How many books have you read? What did you love?

Love always,



11 thoughts on “March wrap-up, favourites and others 🌸🌿”

  1. Oh Clara, I’m glad to see that even with everything happening in the world you found a way to push through! I’m hoping your work outs keep going, too! Unfortunately I have a bad injury in my feet and it prevents me from working out even minimally, but I love knowing other people care for their bodies in that way 🙂 I hope you have a lovely reading month for April and good luck on the online teaching if that’s how your schools have transitioned!


  2. I’m really happy for you and how your March went! *sending hugs* My month was a bit chaotic, as it took me a long while to settle on a routine, and now that I just finished my internship, I’ll have to figure out a new one. Even though I read a lot, I wasn’t very motivated for blogging or even bookstagram. And I started working out, but quickly stopped as well. In April, I kinda want to get back on track, but I’m scared I still won’t have motivation for things ): (I’m planning on reading tons of Cassandra Clare to help put me in a good mood hahaha)


  3. I’ve always known that you read a lot but I’m always surprised at how much it means 😯haha, and inspired to read more on my end (only 3 this month, but I’m happy about those I read). I agree with you, this month was rather… weird when it comes to the world, but it gave me the opportunity to focus a bit of myself and both my mental and physical health.

    I’m so happy and proud for all of the things you achieved this month (and for a few months now). I hope you spend a nice April, Clara 💛😇


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