O.W.L.’s Magical Readathon 2020: my TBR 📚🔮


Dear reader,

April will be here tomorrow, and so will be the OWLs Magical Readathon 2020! If you don’t know, last year I joined this readathon and had the most fun. It was absolutely amazing and I rocked it, becoming successfully a portioneer. If you want to go back to my Magical Readathon 2019 journey, here are my wrap-ups for the OWLs and the NEWTs.

Anyway, let’s talk about my TBR for the OWLs Magical Readathon 2020!


The Magical Readathon was created by Book Roast in 2018. This readathon is inspired by the Harry Potter world and happens both in April and in August. You first have the O.W.L.s readathon, and then the N.E.W.T.s readathon. If you want to know more about it, make sure to watch Book Roast video (linked before) in which she explains it all. It’s an amazing idea and I sincerely want everyone to join so we can all have fun.


It took me a long, long time this year to decide on a career. I created several spreadsheets to help me make a decision and I hesitated between being an alchemist (the extremely challenging career) and a spell maker (the calm career). I asked on Instagram and most voted for spell maker to preserve my mental health… but as a good stubborn Slytherin I decided to prove everyone I could be an alchemist. I know, I am the worst.

To pass the OWLs I have to read 12 books, meaning I have to read all the prompts.  Again, it took me a lot of time to decide on which books to read. (Can you see I’m a libra?) Anyway here’s what I’ll read!

  • Ancient Runes: Heart rune: Heart on the cover or in the title


For this one I’m going for Every Heart a Doorway. I wasn’t exactly excited for this but I didn’t have anything with a heart on the cover nor in the title in my TBR, I didn’t want to re-read anything and this one is extremely short. So, let’s try it, right?

  • Arithmancy: Magical qualities of number 2: balance/opposites – read something outside your favourite genre


My favourite genre is fantasy, so I could go for anything outside of it. After thinking about it a lot I decided to go for Imagine Me as I want to read it badly and I consider it to be sci-fi, though it does have a bit of fantasy in it. I’m here to break the rules anyway.

  • Astronomy: Night classes: Read majority of this book when it’s dark outside


I wanted something short for this, so I can read it in one night. I decided to go for The Tea Dragon Society, which hasn’t arrived to my apartment yet. I’ve been meaning to read this graphic novel for so long and it’s the perfect opportunity to do so!

  • Care of Magical Creatures: Hippogriffs: Creature with a beak on the cover


I have had The Storm Crow on my TBR shelf ever since last summer, so I thought it’d be the perfect time to pick it up. I have no idea what it’s about, but we shall see!

  • Charms: Lumos Maxima: White cover


For this I picked up Frankly in Love because I want to read it and the UK cover is white, so it counts, right?

  • Défense Against the Dark Arts: Grindylows: Book set at the sea/coast


This was so hard to find a title for this one as they don’t often say if the book is set at the sea or coast in summaries, but I found Daughter of the Pirate King on Goodreads and I’m always there to discover more books about pirates.

  • Divination: Third eye: assign numbers to your TBR and use a random generator to pick your read


For this one I assigned numbers to my digital TBR and it landed on There’s Something About Sweetie, which I have been meaning to read ever since it came out. I’m glad I’ll finally pick it up!

  • Herbology: Mimbulus Mimbletonia: Title starts with an M


The only book I had for this one on my TBR is Master & Apprentice, and I’m so happy as I’ve been wanting to pick it up for so long!

  • History of Magic: Witch hunts: Book featuring witches/wizards


I’m going with a shorter read for this one because I finally ordered the last TMI mangas which came out over the last year (only had the first one) and the TID mangas as well, so I can read any of these as Magnus Bane is a wizard and a character in both of those series.

  • Muggle Studies: Book from a perspective of a muggle (contemporary)


I picked up a classic because I don’t want to spend an entire month without reading any, and I decided to go for Evelina which is the last one I bought.

  • Potions: Shrinking Solution: Book under 150 pages


This one was super hard to find, but I remembered that I had Claude Gueux on my TBR which is a short novel by Victor Hugo, so it’ll do the trick!

  • Transfiguration: Animagus lecture: Book/series that includes shapeshifting


Finally, another hard one. By some miracles Nocturna on my TBR talks about shapeshifting in the summary, so it was perfect.

And that’s it!

Are you participating this year? Which career are you going for?

And if you aren’t joining, do you like readathons?

Love always,



6 thoughts on “O.W.L.’s Magical Readathon 2020: my TBR 📚🔮”

  1. This honestly looks like the best readathon ever, atm I’ve got too much on my plate to participate but it’s been so much fun seeing what’s on everyone’s TBRs! Ahhhh I still need to get my hands on the Mortal Instruments mangas – I have the Infernal Devices ones & I love them so much! 😍

    All the best with the readathon!

    💛 Ngoc


  2. hahah, all the careers are so great, i definitely understand the struggle of choosing only one career.
    it’s funny because before the month started, i had chosen the hogwarts professor career, as it fit my personality the best. but then when the month started, i decided to be ambitious and aim for all tropes. i didn’t even know that fit the alchemist career, hahah. i mostly want to read them all, so i can choose whatever career for the newts, since i will have completed all the prompts.
    i think “every heart a doorway” is a great choice for this readathon, because it’s a very short and fast-paced read. even if i didn’t love it, considering how many books you have, i think it’s a smart choice to go for smaller reads.
    i’m looking forward to hear your thoughts in there’s something about sweetie and frankly in love (clearly, i love contemporary a lot, hahah).
    good luck on your TBR!


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