My reading routine at home πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ“—


Dear reader,

It’s been a while since I last talked about my reading habits. Last year I was writing about my favourite places to read, for example, and I adored writing this blog post. So I decided to talk more about those little things, like I did when I wrote how I track my reading,Β because we are all different when it comes to reading: some will read with bookmarks, some read without the dust jacket of their books, some love to read on their bed and some can’t read with music in their ears.

So, to start this series of blog posts about reading habits, today I’m going to talk about my reading routine at home!



I mostly read in my room. I can read from times to times on the couch in our living room, but for some reasons I’m barely ever concentrated there. I would rather be at peace in my room. I do tend to read the most on my bed, once it’s made, but recently I’ve been reading more and more at my desk. It helps me staying focus, since it’s the place I would usually work at or study at, and it’s been doing wonders!



I don’t read a lot of audiobooks because I have a hard time focusing, but they can help me stay focus on classics if I need some extra help (I would listen while reading). Other than that I mostly read physical books or ebooks (and surprisingly I’ve been reading ebooks more than physical ones this year so far). My phone needs to stay relatively close as I always write down in a spreadsheet how much I read, and I could need it to calculate how many pages I’ve read on my ebook. I can also need it to put music on, orΒ Tide, which is an app with relaxing sound to help you stay focus. I’ve been reading with a beach waves sound recently, and have been adoring it! I could also put on some ASMR to read along with, especially the ones like “Hogwarts Express ASMR” and so on. I love having an ambiance to read with. Also I’ve been using my new Sudio wireless earbuds and it has been great, as I can put my phone away. (You can use my code notredame15 for 15% off by the way!)



I need my bookmark, obviously, I cannot read without one. Other than that I don’t need much. At home I like to have a blanket if I read on my bed, and it’s better if I can have my tea with me, but I love to read and have nothing else with me!

And that’s it! I hope that you enjoyed reading a bit about my reading habits.

What is your reading routine at home?

Love always,



10 thoughts on “My reading routine at home πŸ‘©β€πŸ’»πŸ“—”

  1. Love your photos! I also prefer reading in my room and on my bed, under a big fuzzy blanket, ideally with a large mug of lemon tea. ❀ Uuuh, just talking about it makes me want to run home and cuddle up with a book, lol.

    In the summer, I prefer reading outside though. Mostly on the balcony. I would usually sit on one of the pillows on the floow, with my back to the wall. My bf's dog likes to come and check in on me (so does my bf πŸ˜€ he is always like: "why are you sitting on the floor?!")


  2. clara, the pictures you shared in this post are simply soooo gorgeous! i’m in love.
    i don’t think i have much of a reading routine at home, and actually i find easier to read when i’m out and about, for some reason. when i’m at home, though, i also read a lot in my bed, probably because it’s the most comfortable place i know, hahah. and whenever i’m listening to audiobooks, i’m typically playing something on my phone – like gardenscapes lol – or organizing something in my room and in the house. i really like the ability of multitasking when listening to audiobooks! i never tried reading while listening to ASMR, but i’ll definitely give it a try. i mostly associate ASMR with sleeping, though, so i’d probably get real sleepy instead of focused to read, hahah.
    once again, amazing pictures!


  3. Lately, I’ve just been reading whenever, wherever, really. Whenever I find some time and wherever I am at the moment, but I’ve been enjoying reading on my balcony!! πŸ˜€


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