Five books I really want to read right now 📚⏳


Dear reader,

We all have this awful and way too long list we call “TBR” or “wish-list”, about all the books we are planning on reading someday (“someday” being the key word and meaning a time between tomorrow and the next ten years). But on it we usually have a few books we do intend on reading sooner than others, those books we simply cannot wait to put our hands on.

That’s why I’m presenting you today five books I really want to read right now!

 The Princess Bride by William Goldman


Confession time: I never once watched the Princess Bride movie, never read the book and even have no idea what it’s supposed to be about. I don’t know why though, but lately I’ve been seeing it everywhere and have been obsessed with the idea of finally discovering what it’s about. I am planning on buying the book soon to read it and hopefully to fall in love with it.

 Imagine Me by Tahereh Mafi


I am not the biggest Shatter Me fan. Actually I even disliked the first book a lot, and only enjoyed book 2 and 3. But for some reasons I’ve been loving the second trilogy in this series better (unlike everyone, probably because I read it so late) and have been craving Tahereh Mafi’s writing style. She is so talented when it comes to writing straight to the point, to make you feel everything without necessarily describing anything and to write very funny and lovable characters (hi, Kenji). I’m counting the days until this one comes out.

 The King of Crows by Libba Bray


For the past couple of months I’ve been binge reading the Diviners series and completely fell in love with it. I now only have the last book left on the series to read, which just came out, and I cannot wait. I haven’t been able to get to it but I know I’ll read it either before February ends or right at the beginning of March. I need answers and I need to be reunited with this amazing cast of characters, though I’ll have to say goodbye to them.

 The Darkest Star by Jennifer L. Armentrout


The other day I was browsing through books in different bookstores and found this one, which I saw times and times again on bookstagram… And I never stopped thinking about it. I’m not the biggest Lux fan either but I believe this series will be even better and I really need to get my hands on it, hopefully soon.

 Queen of Volts by Amanda Foody


In 2019 I fell in love with the Shadow Game series though it isn’t perfect and I need the third book to come out right now. The second book ends on a very peculiar note which left me screaming for a few days and I don’t know how I’ll wait until September to get answers and to know how this story will end.

And that’s it!

What books can you not wait to read?

Love always,



4 thoughts on “Five books I really want to read right now 📚⏳”

  1. I think I’m a bit in a reading slump. I haven’t organized my routine ever since coming back, and I haven’t had time to catch up with school work, and every day is so full, and I can’t even blog. And so I haven’t been very motivated to read! Right now I’m reading We Hunt the Flame (which is being so slow to me) and last night I started a motivational book -it’s in Portuguese (it was written by the daughter of one of my mother’s friends) and because it’s short it might help me get out of the reading slump. I know there are books I can’t wait to read but right now I can’t think of them, I just wanna finish these )):


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