My favourite Disney movies, in aesthetics 🐭🎬


Dear reader,

I am a huge Disney fan and have been forever. My parents were too so they took us to Disneyland Paris all the time, took us to the movies to see the new Disney ones ever since we were extremely little and so on. We ended up being all huge fans (me, my sister and brother) and when I realized I never once talked about it on my blog it felt weird.

Therefor here are my favourite Disney movies, but in aesthetics!

Ps: All the pictures come from Pinterest.


 Beauty and the Beast


 The Hunchback of Notre-Dame

 Atlantis: The Lost Empire

 Big Hero 6

And that’s all!

What are your favourite Disney movies? Do you even love Disney? Tell me all!

Love always,



26 thoughts on “My favourite Disney movies, in aesthetics 🐭🎬”

  1. These are so pretty! Also, you have great taste in Disney movies these are some of the best ones, my absolute favorite Disney movie is Tangled and I also love Big Hero 6.


  2. Girl these aesthetics are the stuff of Disney dreams! They are both simple but beautiful and captures each movies essence perfectly. I especially love your Beauty and the Beast and Atlantis aesthetics. Disney better hire you to design the concept art for the live action one day 😉


  3. These are all so beautiful, Clara!! I’m absolute trash for Disney lol I wish I had time to re-watch EVERYTHING because I probably haven’t watched a couple of movies in some years and need to organize my favourite xD


  4. Amazingly I’ve managed to not actually see all of these! My parents weren’t that into Disney so I didn’t watch them much as a child. I love Tangled though (and it provides good self-isolation inspiration!), and totally agree that it has a lovely aesthetic. Going by your boards, I think I’ll have to try Hercules next!


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