What I watched in January ๐Ÿ’ปโœจ


Dear reader,

I started doing those kind of blog posts back in 2018… And stopped after a month. The reason was that I found it hard to track everything that I was watching. But as I started to take bullet journaling more seriously in 2019 tracking the movies and tv shows I watched every month wasn’t that hard, and therefor I waited until 2020 to start posting this kind of blog posts once again.

Therefor, here is everything I watched in January!


  • High School Musical 1,ย 2 &ย 3


As I said in my January wrap up, every year we celebrate Friendsmas with two of my friends and every year we spend the night rewatching all theย HSMย movies while eating pizza. It was so much fun to do it again and I still love those movies, though we do laugh a lot and make fun of it.

  • Little Women


I was so excited to watch this movie, though I only read the book after. My mom gifted me a copy when I was a child but I never read it because I didn’t like the cover (I know), but I was still excited to watch the movie (mostly because of the amazing cast) and to finally discover what this story was all about. I ended up falling in love with it and I cannot wait to watch it again.

  • The Gentlemen (premiere)


In January I was invited to the premiere of The Gentlemen… And I disliked it. It wasn’t my kind of movies at all. I didn’t like any of the jokes because it was too racist or sexist, and I didn’t like the story nor the way it was told. I was waiting for so much more considering the cast, but apparently I shouldn’t have been surprised considering who is the director (well I don’t know a lot about movies so I didn’t know).


  • The Mandalorian


I still have two episodes left to watch because it always takes me ages to finish a tv show but… Oh my god. I loved this one. It’s so cute and interesting. I fell in love with baby Yoda like everyone and couldn’t stop watching. (Mostly did because I don’t want to see him suffer.)

  • Jane the Virgin


Again, I have two episodes left of the last season because I am always late but it’s also so hard to say goodbye to it when I fell in love with this series only three years ago. I’m sure the finale will be brilliant, as the whole tv show is.

  • That 70s’ Show and How I Met Your Motherย (rewatch)


I can’t sleep without sound or else I start thinking of anything for hours, so I always rewatch a tv show I know by heart. In January I rewatched some episodes of both those shows and it always feels great to rediscover it all.

  • New Girl and The Mindy Projectย (rewatch)


My best friend and I rewatched some old episodes after a night out and it’s always so much fun. We grew up with those shows and it always feels good to get back to it!

  • The Marvelous Mrs Maisel


THE THIRD SEASON IS FINALLY HERE and I am still not done with it. But! It’s awfully good, as usual, and I want to take my time watching it as I’m always too sad to say goodbye to the amazing and marvelous Mrs Maisel.

That’s all!

What movies did you love in January? Or tv shows?

Love always,



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