Five tv shows I want to start soon πŸŽ¬πŸ’»


Dear reader,

I used to watch a lot of tv shows. At one point in my life I was watching as many tv shows as I was reading books. But with my studies becoming harder and my passion for books becoming more and more important I started to watch less series, stopping watching some I followed for years and ended up not making it a priority. It now takes me forever to start a new show, and even longer to finish it. Though I don’t necessarily want to change it in 2020 I still found new tv shows I’m interested in started hopefully soon, and that I wanted to share with you all.

Without further ado here are five tv shows that I want to start watchingΒ soon-ish!

β₯Β The Witcher


Everyone has been raving about this tv show ever since it came out in December and I still haven’t started it because the episodes are so long (longer than an hour, which doesn’t make me want to sit down for that long). I know I’ll have to start at one point, probably when I’ll be done watching my current tv show, and hopefully I’ll love it as much as others did.

β₯Β Dracula


I have been waiting for this tv show for a while because the book is one of my favourites and I always love to watch new adaptations (I studiedΒ Dracula adaptations over the years for one of my lectures at university). This one seems really interesting and I hope to get to it soon!

β₯Β Emma


This is my biggest shame because a friend of mine gave me the DVD to watch it… and I still haven’t watched it, and therefor still haven’t gave the DVD back though it’s been more than a year. I just need to sit down and watch it, which I will hopefully do it soon.

β₯Β Anne With an E


Again, it’s a tv show everyone seems to love and I’m sure I will too. The only reason I haven’t started it is because I’m afraid I’ll cry too much while watching it. I cry easily while watching tv and that somehow really scares me, so we’ll see when I’ll start this tv show.

β₯Β The Clone Wars


Finally I want to startΒ the CloneΒ WarsΒ because I’m a hugeΒ Star Wars fan and it’s a shame I still haven’t watched this tv show. Apparently it’s really amazing and I can’t wait to sit down and to start it!

And that’s it!

Have you watched any? Would you recommend them to me?

Love always,



16 thoughts on “Five tv shows I want to start soon πŸŽ¬πŸ’»”

  1. As soon as I saw Dracula on Netflix I just knew you’d be all over it! I hope it lives up to your love. πŸ˜‰

    Also, a huge congratulations on meeting Cassandra Clare!!! My seventeen-year-old-self was practically screaming when I saw your Instagram story! I’m anxiously awaiting an indepth post. No pressure ahaha! ❀


  2. The BBC Emma adaptation is one of my favorite Austen adaptations of all time!! (And that’s saying a lot, from an Austen nerd like me.) I watch it probably once a year (it’s only like 6 episodes I think) and every single time I’m obsessed.

    And I recently finished the latest season of Anne with an E and loved it – almost every single episode of the last season made me happy-cry. I hope you love all of these show! πŸ˜€


  3. The episodes of The Witcher have more than one hour each?? I had absolutely no idea! All of my friends are obsessed with it and I wanted to check it out but there’s no way I can sit through something like that … Perhaps during the summer holidays, because they’re longer, idk. Anne with an E is delightful, please watch asap!! ❀


  4. Nice BLOG. I write too on tv shows. Savy tv shows. Check it out if possible it would mean alot. Keep up the good work and have a beautiful day ahead.


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