My 2020 bookish resolutions ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ“”


Dear reader,

Every year I like to set myself some new goals, especially when it comes to my reading life. I always look back to what I read, what I loved, what I learned, in order to do something different in the next year. I’m not one who love to set resolutions for herself because I know I’ll barely ever get to them during the year, but when it comes to my bookish life I’m 100% up for it.

That’s why today I’ll present you my bookish resolutions for 2020!

โฅย To get back to English classics


English classics are my everything, yet I have read barely any in 2019 because I was too focused on my studies and my future and therefor only had time for quick reads (and that’s why I mostly read YA in 2019). As I miss it terribly I decided to get back to it in 2020 and I hope to discover many new Victorian and gothic gems in the next months!

โฅย To read more steampunk novels


In 2017 I discovered my love for steampunk novels. I don’t know what it is, but I always feel at home when I read one. I wanted to read more of this genre in 2018 but haven’t really done it, so this time I’m sticking to it because it’s something that is truly missing to my bookish life.

โฅย To catch up with Rick Riordan’s releases


I may have three books to read but I’m so sad I lost track of his books. I have been reading them ever since I was a teenager, have been up to date for years and yet in 2019 I stopped reading him and now I miss it. It’ll be easy to catch up, as I said I only have a few books to read, and I can’t wait for it.

โฅย To read moreย Star Wars novels


2019 is the year I realized I neededย Star Wars novels in my life and in 2020 I’ll make sure I’ll be reading lots of them. I already readย Bloodline and am going to pick upย Master and Apprentice soon but I also can’t wait to dive into the movies novelizations. It’s going to be a lot of fun and will make me feel like home because, well,ย Star Wars is home.

โฅย To do my monthly challenge


Finally in 2020 I started something new using my TBR jar: I filled it with prompts (ex: read a fantasy novel, cover buy, last purchase…) and am now picking one per month, which will make me read a book I already own according to the prompt I pick. I am really happy with this idea I have and already picked up my January prompt, which is “read a book that is shorter than 350 pages”, an easy one!

And that’s it!

Do you set yourself bookish resolutions every year? What are yours for 2020?

Love always,



16 thoughts on “My 2020 bookish resolutions ๐ŸŒŸ๐Ÿ“””

  1. This sounds great! Good luck! ๐Ÿ˜€ My reading resolutions are basically read 100 books (which is crazy and impossible for me) because I want to do it at least ONCE in my life ๐Ÿ˜› I bet I’ll eventually read shorter books, non fiction and comics to reach this goal, so that will help me read more types of books- hopefully! And I’m also planning on getting back on track with Riordan’s books.
    Fun fact, I’ve never watched a stars wars movie! It’s funny because you’ve been talking about it a lot lately and my cousin is obsessed – she once wanted to force me to watch the movies with her but she didn’t like reading the subtitles and I couldn’t watch it in a language that’s not the original (it’s AWKWARD, unless it’s cartoons) so I kinda ditched the plan hahaha How much am I missing? :/


  2. clara, first: can i just say how absolutely STUNNING the pictures you shared in this post are? they turned out sooooo beautiful!
    one of my goals is also to catch up with rick jordanโ€™s releases, mostly the trials of apolo series, as iโ€™m two books behind. the fourth book comes out this year, so i really want to catch up before that. iโ€™d also like to finally try out some of the releases under the โ€œrick riordan presentsโ€ label, as i told myself i would when it was first announced, but i have yet to read any of them!
    the monthly challenges sound so much fun! wishing you luck on achieving all your goals for the new year!


  3. Wonderful goals, Clara!!! I really need to read more English classics and steampunk novels as well! I’ve only ever read a few books that are steampunk in nature, but I love them so much! I’ve also seen a few video games before that truly sparked my interest in the subgenre! I’ll certainly be looking out for any of these kinds of books you read so I can add them to my tbr! Hehe โค


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