November wrap-up, favourites and others 🌨📕


Dear reader,

I disappeared last week for one reason only: I’ve been awfully sick. I have been ill ever since the 28th of November and haven’t stopped, meaning I went to a book fair, to my job, to my university and so on… And so I got more and more sick, and I couldn’t do anything. It has been a wasted week but I’m ready to get back on track now!

And so we are here to talk about November, which overall has been a great month! It has been filled with bookish events which I can’t wait to talk to you all about, and I rewatched tons of Disney movies.

So without further ado, let’s wrap-up November!


  • Supernova by Marissa Meyer, 5/5 stars


  • Talking as Fast as I can by Lauren Graham, 4/5 stars


  • King of Fools by Amanda Foody, 4.5/5 stars


  • The Queen of Nothing by Holly Black, 2.5/5 stars


  • Daisy Jones and the Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid, 5/5 stars (re-read)

You will love this book if you like_.png

  • The Starless Sea by Erin Morgenstern, 5/5 stars


  • Le Chef-d’oeuvre inconnu by Balzac, 4/5 stars


  • Northern Lights by Philip Pullman, 3.75/5 stars



  • Meeting Leigh Bardugo


At the beginning of November Leigh Bardugo came to Paris and I managed to get a ticket (super early). I was so stressed out but she was the sweetest and I made her laugh telling her how Nikolai is similar to Princess Fiona from Shrek. We even got a picture with her while she was leaving because she is that nice!

  • Meeting my Goodreads goal


For the past few years I have been reading more than 150 books per year, but this one was different because the first half of my 2019 was focused on my studies and therefor I doubted I could ever reach 100 books read for the year. Well, I did it! I reached my goal mid-November and have been reading more and more ever since. I know it means nothing but I’m very competitive with myself and I’m glad to see I still find time to read though I am very busy.

  • Going to Disneyland Paris during the Christmas season


As I have an annual pass to DLP, I tend to go there every month, so obviously I went in November and the Christmas season just begun! It was so much fun and my friend Alice and I decided to try all the new shows and animations. My favourite one was the one around Frozen in the Studios, and I can’t wait to see it again. Also we ate some Christmas DLP snacks and drunk wine, so everything was perfect!

  • Frozen 2


Well, like many, many, many people… I fell in love with Frozen 2. It may be my favourite movie of 2019. I sobbed a lot, I laughed a lot and I have been listening to the songs ever since I saw it in repeat. I loved everything about it and can scream about it for DAYS. I was supposed to rewatch it two times this month but because I was sick and then because my brother was sick and also because of the strikes… I couldn’t go out and do it. But I love it SO MUCH.

  • The Montreuil bookfair


Like every year there was another book fair at Montreuil in France (next to Paris) which is focused on children, middle grade and young adult literature. For once there were many international authors and I decided to go both days with my friend Roxanne. We had so much fun and I can’t wait for Livre Paris and YALC 2020 now!

  • Getting ready for the winter magical readathon


Finally, during the year I took part in the Magical Readathon 2019, which was separated in two: one readathon during April and one during August. I succeeded in both and had so much fun! We are now gifted with a small Winter Magical Readathon for December and I am once again participating and loving it!


Like every month I set myself some goals at the end of October, and it’s now time to see if I succeeded to check them all! I wanted to study and to work better (which I did), to save money (which I did too), teep up reading, blogging and bookstagramming (which… I did until I was dead sick), to take better care of myself (well…), to enjoy every day (I definitely did), to slowly in the Christmas spirit (very slowly, but well yes) and to plan my trip to Dublin (lol, I’m not going anymore so jokes on me!)


Here are my goals for December:

  • Enjoy every day;
  • Keep up reading, blogging and bookstagramming;
  • Study and work more;
  • Take better care of myself.

And that’s all! I didn’t have the busiest month but I still feel as if I was productive and did a lot. I can’t wait to see what December has in store for me!

What about you all? What did you read in November? How was it?

Love always,



15 thoughts on “November wrap-up, favourites and others 🌨📕”

  1. Oh no, Clara! ): I hope you’re feeling better now! ❤
    From your list, I've read Daisy Jones and the six, that unfortunately, didn't meet my expectations, and I wanna read Renegades (I'm getting hyped because of you hahaha) and Queen of Nothing (that I'm really sad to hear you didn't enjoy).
    It's so cool that you met Leigh Bardugo and you went to Disneyland during the Christmas period now, I bet it's stunning!! And congrats on achieving your Goodreads goal! 😀
    I really, really, really wanna watch Frozen 2. The movie tickets in Germany are expensive and I think they only offer it in German here (and I don't have the skills to understand a whole movie) so I hope the movie is still available in the Portuguese movie theatres when I go back home for Christmas. I've read spoilers (I hate Twitter, sometimes) so I know I'll cry!
    I hope you're having a lovely December and taking care of yourself ❤


  2. ugh it absolutely sucks that you were sick for so long! i have the flu too and it’s only been a couple days, but i feel so bad. i’ve been taking as much medicine as i can, because i just refuse to be sick during the holidays. they’re already depressing enough for me even without a runny nose, hahah.
    it’s awesome you still found yourself reading so much despise everything. i have not watched the show for the golden compass yet, even though i’ve only heard great things about it. i only read the 1st book in the series, but it was really fun and i already have the 2nd one so i’m sure i’ll continue. i hope the series does live up to my expectations, because the trailer looked sooooo beautiful!
    wowww, it’s so nice you got to meet leigh bardugo! i’m sure it must’ve been such a surreal experience! i’ve only met a couple of authors in my life, but all of them have been so kind and i’ve only had great experiences with them. and congrats on meeting your goodreads goal! 100 books is such a fantastic number!
    frozen 2 only reaches the brazilian theaters in january, which is so unfortunate, because i really wanted to watch it around the holiday time. still, i’m super excited! i’ve gotten a total of zero spoilers, which i’m so happy i was able to avoid. i really hope to love it!
    wishing you all the luck on your magical readathon and a fantastic december! 😊


  3. Hi Clara! It’s been ages since I’ve last visited the book blogging world, but it was SO nice to see an update from you! I’m so happy to see that you enjoyed Supernova! I can’t wait to read the finale soon! I listened to Daisy Jones on audio a few months ago and it was absolutely spectacular! I already have an intense desire to listen to it again! Your visit to Disney Paris sounds like so much fun and I’m so glad that you enjoyed Frozen II! I’m planning on watching it soon!

    I hope you’re feeling better, love, and that you’re having a wonderful holiday season! ❤


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