My autumn bucket list 2019 | A recap 📝🍂


Dear reader,

At the beginning of October I posted my Autumn Bucket List, which I do every year. I received a comment asking me if I could ever post a recap of it, telling you if I ended up doing all those things or not. So… Here it is!

I present you my Autumn Bucket List 2019 recap!


Here was everything I listed for this Autumn:

  • Finish watching Gilmore Girls 💻
  • Read at least one gothic literature novel 📕
  • Make myself a spooky TBR 📚
  • Watch It and It 2 with my best friend 🎥
  • Take pictures of dead leaves 🍁
  • Read in a café while it’s raining outside (while drinking a PSL) ☕️
  • Having a chill day at home 🧖‍♀️
  • Rewatch a Harry Potter movie 🔮
  • Re-read Dracula and Vicious 🧛‍♂️
  • Celebrate my birthday at Disneyland and at a tea house 🎡
  • Go to a pumpkin patch 🎃
  • Buy myself more autumnal clothes 🧣
  • Spend an afternoon in a museum 🏛
  • Study at the library 📄
  • Explore Paris more often 🌆


I did almost everything on my list this year! I finished watching Gilmore Girls, made myself a spooky TBR, took pictures of dead leaves, read in a café while it was raining outside and while drinking a PSL, had a chill day at home, re-read both Dracula and Vicious, celebrated my birthday at Disneyland and at a tea house, went to see pumpkins (couldn’t go to a pumpkin patch because we don’t have that a lot in France, but I went to several markets), bought myself more autumnal clothes, spent an afternoon in a museum, studied at the library and explored Paris more often.

Here are some collages of everything I did!



The only thing I couldn’t do was to read a gothic novel (which I’m so sad about!), to watch It and It 2 with my best friend and to rewatch a Harry Potter movie. It’s not that bad because I ended up doing so much and having the best Autumn ever!

And that’s it!

I really had a fun Autumn and I hope my Winter will be just as amazing. I’ll be back with my Winter Bucket List soon!

What did you do this Autumn that made you happy?

Love always,



8 thoughts on “My autumn bucket list 2019 | A recap 📝🍂”

  1. I’m so happy for you ! Read your blog posts makes me feel better every time, and i feel motivated after it. I think i’m gonna try a winter bucket list (i love list, i’m more productive!) and see what happens, can’t wait to read yours ! Love ♥️


  2. Glad you had an awesome autumn! I think reading in a cafe with a PSL and pumpkin hunting (I love pumpkins in October lol) sound great, but everything on your list does really! Hope your winter is awesome too. 🙂


  3. I’m so glad you enjoyed your Autumn and managed to do most of your list! I didn’t have any list on how to spend the season, but I’d say I also enjoyed myself – there are so many trees and squirrels here, everything looks enchanted. I haven’t written down a Winter list yet (and idk if I will), but I know some things I’d like to do – fingers crossed! ❤


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