Two months into being a teacher, a recap 📙📝


Dear reader,

It has officially been almost two months or so since I started teaching literature to teenagers. If you don’t know, at the beginning of 2019 I sat the French teaching exams and actually passed them all (both written and oral exams), and therefor have started teaching since September. I can teach any teens in middle and high school (meaning in France between 11 and 18 years old), but this year I’m teaching two classes of 13 years old. It has been nerve wrecking, it involved a lot of work, both academic one but also on myself, and I’m now on vacations for two weeks.

So let’s recap those two months of teaching literature, shall we?

(For the privacy of my students, my school and all that go with it I won’t talk in too much details of my job. This is an overview of my thoughts on it, and my thoughts only.)

Before being a teacher, I was terrified. What if I didn’t know how to deal with teenagers? And how am I supposed to create lectures? Do I truly know enough to teach? What if I don’t teach them what they’re supposed to learn? and so on. But I breathed deeply, jumped into it because I had no other choice… and ended up loving it. I love the school I’m at, I love my students, I love my co-workers and I even made great friends at the teachers school (I have to go for a year and then I’ll be free). It’s all a dream and I’m adoring every single day, but I have to be honest and to explain the pros just like the cons of the job. Let’s get through it all.


I’m starting with the cons because they’re minors and I don’t want to end on a negative note. Please keep in mind that I love my job, but like any other jobs it can be hard at times. For example, it’s tiring. Not physically because it’s not like working a 9 to 6 job like I used to in my publishing house, but mentally. Working with teenagers is wonderful but they’re not all kind and ready to learn. As people told me times and times again, I won’t be able to help them all. I’m trying my best to do so but some won’t listen to me or anything, and it can be exhausting. As I said I have two classes, and though one is amazing, the other one is pretty hard to deal with because all the students talk all the time and because some of them aren’t that nice with others. I still have to find another way to deal with them when school will start again, but for now let’s say they’re tiring.

Teaching teenagers really test your patience, so it can be nerve wrecking at times, especially when teens attack you personally (it never happened to me, well one started being mean but I stopped it right away, but it could get worse, and you always have to tell yourself they don’t know you and that this shouldn’t touch you). Some days I come out of a lecture I just gave and think it didn’t go that well, always trying to think of what I could do differently rather than blaming the teens. (Oh, you also always have to think of a billion things and having an agenda is life saving.) You really have to reinvent yourself all the time with this job, you’re always trying something new and sometimes it fails, but some other times it works and it’s fantastic. So let’s now take a look at the pros…



Ah, finally. Teaching has been a dream to me. First of all, I have tons of free time. As I said I used to work a 9 to 6 job, and a 9 to 7 job on Fridays too, so having the time table of a 13 years old is everything. I never come home later than 6pm (but it only happens once a week) and I have tons of hours in the morning (mostly because I still have to go to university, so I have less classes and therefor less hours, but no matter what, teachers do have a lot of free time). Of course this free time is dedicated to create lecture and grading papers, but I still find the time to read and to blog, to work on my IG, so it’s all good to me!

Also teaching is extremely rewarding. No matter what I said about some teenagers being hard to deal with, all the other ones are a charm. I always loved to work with children, but teens are something else and I feel like I can understand a lot when it comes to them. I adore working with my students, I’m always happy when I go to them and I hope they are happy to come to my lectures. (Some told me they do, but can I really trust them? Ah!) I feel so useful and obviously I ended up loving them. I already don’t want to leave and I really hope I’ll get to work there next year. (Please pray for me!)

Overall I’m truly enjoying myself as a teacher. Working in publishing was okay (I disliked the publishing house I was working at, close to none of my coworkers liked me, but I really enjoyed working in communications there so that’s why I’m spending a lot of time on my blog and IG because I never want to stop working somehow in digital communications) but being a teacher is something else. I’m always happy, and it’s only been two months! It feels like I found my place in the universe, and I can’t wait to see what the futur has in store for me.

To more amazing months with my amazing students!

And that’s all! I’ll probably do another blog post like this one during the Christmas break, so I hope that you loved it. I’m so glad to keep a track of my time being a teacher here, as I kinda see this blog as my diary. (Not so private, uh.)

Now tell me: What is your dream job? (I personally still want to work in the UK, so hopefully I’ll end up teaching French as a foreign langage in an English university in the next ten years!)

Love always,



11 thoughts on “Two months into being a teacher, a recap 📙📝”

  1. Hey Clara! I hope you’re alright 😁 I was eager to read this post because I wanted to know how you lived these past 2 months as a teacher. I’m so admirative of you ! I think teachers play one of the most important part in society but I don’t think I would have ever been able to be one, especially for teenagers (probably out of fear?), so I’m handing down all of my hats to you ! 🎩 I’m really glad you enjoy every bits of this experience and I think your pupils are lucky to you have a teacher, who actually love teaching and only want the best for them !

    I have no clue what my dream job would be just yet (not in details at least), but whatever it is, I would like to be able to make of difference for the life of others, be useful 😊

    Have a beautiful week-end! ☀️


    1. Hi Mathieu 😀
      Thank you so much for your comment and for always checking on me! Dealing with teenagers sure is scary, some of them can be really mean and violent, but for once I think it’s worth enough to try! I’m really in love with my job for now!
      I’m sure you’ll make a difference in the world, you’re such a positive soul!


  2. This was lovely to read, thank you for sharing your experience! I bet you’re an amazing teacher! I’ve already told you this, but I’d love if you were my French teacher 😛 (the professors of my university are usually nice but they don’t do a very good job sometimes)
    Unfortunately, I’m currently having kind of a crisis when it comes to what I wanna be and do. I’m studying languages & business, so I’d love to work in that field, especially strategy and digital marketing. The problem is, while I do understand theory, I can’t put it into actions! So I’m struggling really hard to write strategic options essays for my classes and my bookish social media aren’t doing great either so I completely lose my motivation and wonder if I’m fit for the job ))):


    1. Haha I wish I could teach you French 😀
      Please don’t take your social media as example! I worked in digital marketing for three years and running a bookish account isn’t necessarily the same as running a publishing house or brand account. I’m sure you’ll do great if that’s what you love!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Ah Clara this is so wonderful to read and I’m so happy you are really happy with your job so far and that you found your purpose somehow. This is incredible and I only hope this continues ❤ ❤


  4. clara, i’m so happy to hear about your experience! i know i mention this in every comment (lol), but i also really want to be a teacher. it’s kinda crazy because even though this was my dream job as a kid, throughout high school, i started to really hate the idea. i think it’s because i had a really bad relationship with most of my teachers. not really because i was a bad student, but rather because i completely disagreed with their methods.
    now that i’m working to be a teacher, it really is challenging to think of ways i can be different from the ones i really disliked back in high school. as you said, you always need to reinvent yourself!
    but i’m so happy to hear you have such a great relationship with your students! i do think teenagers can be really awful, but also really amazing when they want to. there’s such great potential in them and i hope your work continues to be this amazing and rewarding experience! 😊


    1. I totally understand you! I forgot about wanting to be a teacher for years, only because I had such bad teachers around me who made me feel awful. But I really want to be a change in all of that and to help my students, so they don’t feel like I did with my teachers!
      Teenagers are such bright and amazing souls, I wish they would see themselves like that! They hold so much potential!!

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