Three books to read this Autumn | Part 2, spooky mood 🌩🔮


Dear reader,

October is for a lot of people what we call the spooky season. It’s the time of the year when it’s allowed to wear dark all the time (I mean, I already do it all year long but you know) and to read/watch tons of awful and scary stories. I’m a huge fan of the spooky season because, as I was born on the 17th of October all my birthday parties were Halloween themed and I ended up loving everything witchy and scary. I therefor read tons of books which could fit this theme, but decided to only go with three this year. If you want to find more recommendations from me, please check out the blog post I wrote last year!

Without further ado, here are three books to read this Autumn to get into the spooky mood!

(Please excuse me for the lack of posts last week. I’m now back in the game and ready to catch up with everything, including reading your posts!)



I read this graphic novel years ago but still think it’s the perfect read for Autumn. It’s about a girl who wants to become a villain and therefor starts working with one. It’s a story about friendship which grows wherever you last except it, and mostly about magic and tricks. Enjoy knowing more about those dark and complex characters!



I only read Truly Devious recently but boy oh boy did it freak me out. (Granted, I do get easily scared while reading.) This YA novel is a murder story taking place in a boarding school for genius, and you follow two storylines, one with the murders which happened in years and years ago, and one with the murder happening nowadays. It’s well written, you won’t be able to stop reading and you will definitely get spooked.

Representations: there not talked about a lot but there is a non binary character and ones who wears the hijab



I read this book years ago as it was a birthday gift from one of my dearest friend, and it still is one of my favourite books of all time. It’s a YA retelling of Frankenstein and one of the best retellings I have ever read (it is important to note that I love Frankenstein a lot too). It is super eery, weird and creepy, and it’ll definitely get you into the spooky mood.

And that’s it! Have you read any of those? I hope you loved them!

What book would you recommend to get into the spooky mood?

Love always,



8 thoughts on “Three books to read this Autumn | Part 2, spooky mood 🌩🔮”

  1. Ohhh. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Truly Devious, but I’m a little nervous now knowing it freaked you out a little bit haha. I’ll have to be ready for this read, then, haha 🙂
    Thank you for the recommendations! 🙂


  2. I’ve been trying to try out more comics but I’ve been postponing Nimona for months, I’m a mess hahaha Great list, Clara! I don’t think I have any good Halloween recommendations, because I don’t really like scary books/movies. As for books I think are good for Autumn, maybe Three Dark Crowns? Or maybe I read it during Autumn and now think it’s a good fit? hahaha can’t remember, honestly. But it’s a darker book without getting too dark, so I really enjoyed it ^^


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