Three books to read this Autumn | Part 1, cosy mood 🌧🍂


Dear reader,

Here we go back with my seasonal recommendations! During summer I wrote three recommendations posts, one with contemporary books, another one with fantasy novels and a last one with classics. I decided to go with moods for Autumn as we all have a different one at this time of the year: those who want to get cosy, those who want to get spooked and those who want to study all day every day.

Without further ado, here are three books to read this Autumn if you are in a cosy mood!



Be prepared for me recommending this book every two days during Autumn. I loved it A LOT, and am so glad I did considering how long I waited for it to come out. It’s easy to read as it is a graphic novel, so even better to pick up one rainy afternoon to read something in one setting, and will make you feel all the autumnal feels. If you haven’t understood yet: I highly recommend it.

Representations: bi MC, POC



I know, it’s cliché. But is there a better time to read or re-read this series, except for around Christmas? A lot of people grew up with this series so it’ll always have a special place in our hearts (I also grew up with it, which is why I’m still recommending it today). I can already picture myself on the couch, re-reading the first book while it’s dark outside. *happy sigh* Even better followed by a rewatch! (My parents rewatched the first movie the other day while it was pouring outside and I was super jealous.)



I read this book last Autumn and truly loved it. I thought it was perfect for the season, and though it has some magical parts it definitely isn’t spooky enough to be in any other categories of those recommendations. Get ready to be transport in the night circus whenever you pick it up! You won’t ever be the same. (Not to be dramatic.)

And that’s it! I hope that you’ll end up reading a new fav thanks to this list I created.

Which book would you recommend for a cosy Autumn afternoon?

Love always,



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