My Dracula Readalong #AVampireAtNotreDame 🦇🧛‍♂️


Dear reader,

If you don’t know, Dracula by Bram Stoker is one of my favourite books of all time, which is kinda funny as I hated it when I first read it (I was 12 years old and had to read an abridged version for school). But it all changed when I had to read it for university, the whole text this time. I fell in love with it and then have been re-reading it quite a few times over the years. Obviously, I have to re-read it this October and surprisingly a lot of people told me they wanted to join me.

That’s why I’m officially launching a Dracula readalong for October, called “A Vampire at Notre-Dame”.


Attention: A readalong isn’t a readathon. A readalong means that we’ll all read the same book all along during a certain period of time. It’s like reading any other book, you’ll just do it with other people doing it at the same time (well, during the same period of time at least).


The rules are extremely simple: from Monday 21st to Sunday 27th of October included we will all read Dracula, and that’s it.

Obviously I planned tons of fun activities to go along with our buddy reading, but all you have to do to join this readalong is to have read it for the 27th. The goal is to have fun, so don’t feel obliged to do anything. Join the activities or discussions if you want to, or leave it to others if you aren’t comfortable with it all.

Copie de Publication Twitter – Sans titre.png
One of my copies of Dracula, picture posted on my Instagram @thebookwormofnotredame


  • Take a picture of your copy of Dracula

During the week I’ll repost on my IG stories all the pictures of people reading Dracula! Feel free to get creative with it and extra spooky. We should all support each other in this readathon, well we should all support each other every day anyway.

  • A vampire book tag

I’ll also create a very Dracula-esque book tag to do and share here on our blogs. I hope you’ll all find it fun to do, whether or not you’re joining the readalong!

  • Templates

I’ll make sure to share IG story templates before the readalong starts so people can track their reading and share with everyone their thoughts on the book. It’ll be easy to filled and fun to share on your stories!

  • Group discussion

Finally, we’ll be discussing Dracula in its entirety on a post dedicated to it on my Instagram account a few days after the readalong will end. I wanted to do a livestream but I thought that many people would join without knowing we’re here to talk about this book, so a post should be easier to join. Anyone can comment whenever and answer to others, so it’ll should be fun!

And that’s all!

I hope that for those who waited for this blog post you are all happy about the outcome of the readalong, and for those who had no idea about it are a bit convinced to join!

Will you be joining? What are you excited for the most? And if you aren’t, have you ever read Dracula?

Love always,


thebookwormofnotredame (45)

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