Gilmoreathon: My TBR and others ☕️


Dear reader,

A few days ago, Olivia @ Liv’s Library, Desi @ Pastel Pages and Mackenzie @ Mackenzie Lane announced that they were hosting a two weeks long Gilmore Girls readathon. I’ve been loving this tv show for years now (the joke is that after watching it for more than five years I still haven’t finished it, but I’m finally eight episodes away from the end) and have been meaning to do another fun readathon after loving way too much the Magical Readathon 2019.

On this post I’ll tell you all about my TBR for it but also all the fun activities I planned next to it!


The Gilmoreathon was created by Olivia, Desi and Mackenzie in 2019. This readathon is inspired by the tv show Gilmore Girls and takes place during the first two weeks of October. If you want to know more about it, make sure to watch their videos (linked before) in which they explain it all. It’s an amazing idea and I sincerely want everyone to join so we can all have fun.

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Rory Gilmore, picture found on Pinterest


There are different ways to do this readathon. You can either read any books you want on the Rory Gilmore’s list (which is a list of all the books Rory was seen reading in the show) or complete the different challenges. You can also join their readalong during which we’ll all read Lauren Graham’s book, Talking As Fast As I Can.

I decided to go with the challenges because I need to have a specific goal, so here is my TBR for it. (It may change with time, but for now I’m sticking to this.)

  • Read a book with a school setting: in honour of Yale & Chilton

For most of the books I’ll be reading they were already on my Autumn TBR* for the year. That’s why for this one I decided to go with Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson which is a YA thriller mystery set in a boarding school. Doesn’t it scream “Autumn”?

*My Autumn TBR blog post is coming soon, be prepared!

  • A mother/daughter relationship book: in honour of our favourite mother/daughter relationship ever

To be honest, it was hard to find a book for this one as I can’t really know how the relationship between the mother and the daughter in a book is before reading said book, so I decided to stretch this prompt a little bit. (And after all, a readathon is all about fun and shouldn’t be stressful, so why not take it easy?) I decided to go with Tunnel of Bones by V. E. Schwab for this one because a) the MC has a mother (and isn’t it rare in MG/YA novels?) and b) it was on my autumn TBR anyway.

  • Any cosy book set during fall/winter: in honour of beautiful Stars Hollow & Lorelai smelling snow

Do I have any other choice than going with Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell and illustrated by Faith Erin Hicks for this one? I have been waiting for it ever since it was announced and have been dying to get it ever since I read a sampler of it. It’ll be the perfect October read.

  • A book with complicated love interests: in honour of Rory, Dean & Jess

Again, it wasn’t that easy to find a book for this one. I mean, I could go with a love triangle novel but do I really want to put myself into that? Unless it’s the Infernal Devices I do not tend to like this trope, and it is actually why I stopped watching Gilmore Girls for more than a year. So… I decided to go with another complicated love trope: the enemies to lovers one. If you don’t know I grew up writing a dramione fan fiction, so I’ve always been attracted to this trope. That’s why I decided to go with Wayward Son by Rainbow Rowell. I don’t know if the love story in it will be complicated, but the first book was all about the ennemies to lovers trope, so it’ll count.

  • A book by an Asian author or has Asian representation: in honour of our favourite best friend, Lane

It’s the only prompt I’m not entirely sure about the book I’ll read. I have two options for it: Wicked Fox by Kat Cho and The Downstairs Girl by Stacey Lee. I received an ARC for both of them recently and really want to dive into those two. I’ll pick up the one I’ll be most in the mood for when time will come.

  • The next book in a series you haven’t finished yet: in honor of A Year in the Life

I’m so happy to be able to pick up King of Fools by Amanda Foody for this one, which is the second book in the Shadow Game series. I read the first book, Ace of Shades, in August during the N.E.W.T.s readathon and absolutely fell in love with it, so it only makes sense that I want to pick up its sequel immediately.

  • A book with food on the cover or is a crucial part to the storyline: in honour of Luke’s Café

All the Bad Apples by Moïra Fowley-Doyle was on my TBR anyway, and I’m so glad it’s fitting this prompt because I wouldn’t have found another book without it. It does have apples on the cover, in the title and the entire curse in the book is around those apples. Perfect, right?


  • Vlogging

During the two weeks I’ll make sure to vlog it all, which will hopefully end up in two separate vlogs. I always loved vlogging and I’ve been missing posting on my YouTube channel for quite a while now, so it seemed to be the perfect reason to get back to it. I’ll also be meeting up with two of my friends who are doing it, Lucie and Romie, and I’ll make sure to include them both in those vlogs.

Copie de Publication Twitter – Sans titre copie.png
Lorelai Gilmore, picture found on Pinterest
  • Making my own challenges

And finally, because I can never challenged myself enough, I created myself some extra challenges to complete during those two weeks. There aren’t reading challenges, but you’ll all get it. They are all inspired by the tv show, of course. Here there are:

🍁 Read while drinking coffee (Are you really doing a GG readathon if you aren’t drinking coffee while doing it?)

🍁 Eat a Pop Tart (In honour of Lorelai’s favourite snack, or at least one of them. I’m afraid to taste it for the first time, but we’ll see how that goes!)

🍁 Read in a diner (In honour of Luke’s diner, and because we always need an excuse to try new diners in Paris.)

🍁 Go to an antique shop (In honour of Lane’s mom, obviously.)

🍁 Read under a tree (A big thank you to Lucie for coming with this one! It’s in honour of Rory reading under a tree at university and getting mad when said tree was being “stolen” by a random guy.)

And that’s all! I’m so excited for this readathon and can’t wait for it to start!

Would you be joining? Do you love readathons?

(Also I’ll be posting three times a week now, be prepared!)

Love always,


thebookwormofnotredame (45)

14 thoughts on “Gilmoreathon: My TBR and others ☕️”

  1. This sounds like the cosiest read-a-thon! I was actually watching some YouTube videos yesterday about this. I’d love to participate, but I think I’ll have to pass this year, as I have too many pending ARCs that I need to finish asap. Hope you’ll complete all the challenges! 🙂


  2. Man this sounds amazing!?! I’m seriously considering boarding the band wagon! Even though I already have a soul crushing TBR I need to finish by the end of the year… I am ashamed to say that I never watched Gilmore Girls. I know – WHAT!?!?! But, I have finally started watching them on netflix. I’m always just so intimidated by big series? Especially when I’m late to the party.

    Good luck with your Gilmoreathon reading, much love! ❤


    1. Ahh join us! It was only announced a few days ago, and I tried my best to fit my October TBR into those challenges, so you could do it too 😀
      No shame here, I’m only finishing the tv show for the first time now (though I’ve been watching for years lol). Are you loving it though?!
      Thank you so much, lots of love! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So far I’ve only watched a few episodes from the first season and I’m not 100% sold – yet. I want it to be my new favorite so bad! I’m hoping I’ll get super invested as it goes along. I’m definitely considering joining though (even if I’m hopeless at read-a-thons and TBRs ahaha) ❤


  3. I’ve participated in some readathons earlier this month, but I’ve failed terribly so I might not join any others anytime soon. I do like them, but I find them very strict to me, and I’m not in the mood to choose my readings beforehand. I’ve never watched Gilmore Girls, but I feel I’m missing out haha Good luck! 😀


  4. Ah, I love this post, Clara!! I haven’t watched nearly enough Gilmore Girls (only a few episodes! I’m ashamed!), but these prompts are so cute! I’m planning on reading Truly Devious and Tunnel of Bones this autumn too, so I hope we both enjoy! Best of luck with this readathon and the vlogs! ❤


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