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Dear reader,

Before starting this blog post, I would like to shout that MY AUTUMN THEME IS OFFICIALLY BACK AND I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. Okay, now we can go back to normal.

A few weeks ago, the sweet Lauren @ Twenty Seven Letters tagged me to do the Book Blogging Firsts tag (a big thank you to her, and please check out her blog, she’s really amazing!). It’s to be noted that this blog isn’t my first one. I had my very first blog at 11 years old and it was all about Emma Watson (I spent hours on Photoshop, creating designs every time we had new pictures of her). I then had another one about Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez around the same age. And then after years of writing fan fictions and playing in Harry Potter Role Playing Games (on MSN, on Facebook, on forums etc) and all that jazz on the Internet, I came back to the blogging life at 19 years old, but joined the studyblr community on Tumblr. So The Bookworm of Notre-Dame wasn’t my first real steps into the blogging world, but I’ll talk about this one for this particular tag because, well… My Emma Watson blog is part of my secret dark past. (Just kidding, I just don’t think it’s relevant for all the questions.)

So, here we go for the Book Blogging Firsts tag!

First blog name and design?

I have always been called the Bookworm of Notre-Dame. It’s the name of my bookstagram account and I never once changed it. It made sense that when I created this blog I would keep the same name. And if you were wondering why I called myself like that in the bookish world, it is because I absolutely adore The Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Victor Hugo and because I spend most of my days wandering around Saint Michel in Paris, which is where Notre Dame is (and Notre Dame has been my favourite monument in the world ever since I was a child).

As for the design, I went with another free WordPress theme but I can’t remember which one. I only remember it to be grey, just like the one I had, but it had a different lettering and stuff. Things appeared bigger than they are now on my blog, which made me change quickly to the one I have today, which I love a lot. It also took me a year to find my own style when it comes to banner and stuff, so when I started I simply used my bookstagram pictures as blog posts headers and added the title on it on Photofiltre, which wasn’t that pretty. But eh, we all learn every day!

First blog post?

My first blog post on here was an introduction post, as one would guess, and then I posted one about my reading routine I think, or maybe it was a list of books I recommended to read around Christmas. I’m still happy with the content I used to create, though they do not appear on my blog anymore. When I finally found my style I deleted all the old blog posts so it all looked clean, but I was never ashamed of it. It was very fun to start writing bookish blog posts, though I didn’t know how to organise myself at that time.

First book review?

The very first book review I posted on that blog (I always wrote book reviews on Goodreads before that) was about The Secret History by Donna Tartt because I was so proud of it (still am). Fun fact: I posted the same review on Goodreads and someone commented “If I was able to write a review worthy of this book, it would be this one.” which still is the nicest thing anyone ever said to me about one of my reviews.

First meme participated in?

My very first meme was, like a lot of people I guess, a Top Ten Tuesday. I remember being so excited when I discovered those kind of things existed and that it meant I could write more and more without dying to find inspiration for new blog posts. I was very proud of my take on this particular TTT because it was a Love Freebie and I came up with “It was love at first line”, which meant I discussed all those books I loved immediately because of their first lines, instead of talking about bookish couples and all that stuff. I haven’t done a TTT in a while but I miss it and will definitely check the list for the end of 2019.

First discussion post?

I never truly wrote any discussion post. Well I wrote something about loving small TBRs and all that jazz but I never know if it counts. If it does, then my first “discussion” post would be “On anxiety, cyclothymia, social media and me“. It was the first blog post in which I talked about mental health, and I opened myself to discuss about it with you all. It was hard for me to write, but it also felt good. I still love talking about mental health and I try to do it as often as I can.

First book blog I followed?

I can’t remember properly, but I know that the first one I loved and which made me want to take the blogging life more seriously was Marie’s blog, Drizzle and Hurricane Books. I think that me discovering her blog made the whole thing makes sense – writing blog posts, interacting with the community, finding my own style and more. Suddenly everything was clear and that’s when I started following more and more blogs.

First follower?

According to WordPress, my first follower was my bookish wife, El @ The Bibliotheque. I am very lucky to have her in my life, as she is my very first bookstagram friend. She supported me through a lot of things and I’m so glad to still being able to talk to her and more!

First book I read because of other bloggers?

And the award for the hardest question goes to…

I am influenced by others a lot, but I wouldn’t be able to say if I read a book because of bookstagram, book bloggers or bookish folks on Twitter. The first book I read because of others and that I talked about around here was, again, The Secret History. This book was everywhere and I fell deeply in love with it.

Before I forget, I decided to tag two friends: Roxanne and Noémie! But please, if you are reading this and want to do it too, consider yourself tagged by me!

I had a lot of fun going back memory lane and it makes me love blogging even more. It really is my safe place – though I adore bookstagram with all my heart, I always find peace and calm whenever I log myself on my blog, and that’s all thanks to you.

What was your first blog post about?


15 thoughts on “Book Blogging Firsts Tag”

  1. Interesting answers. I am a big fan of The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, too. It is one of my favourite classics, and Notre-Dame itself is my favourite monument, too. I used to collect everything related to it. Book-blogging is not my first experience of blogging, either. I come from film-blogging, initially – and there is much difference between the two communities on wordpress, I notice.


  2. Oh Clara, I’m just honored and a little bit emotional, thank you for thinking of me and mentioning me, this honestly means way more than I can say right now. ❤
    I love your answers to this tag so much and I'm so, so happy that you're blogging, I adore your blog so, so much ❤ I really need to read The Secret History now, haha 🙂


    1. Of course, sweets! I can’t thank you enough for making me fall in love with book blogging and for reminded me how amazing blogging in general is. You are a true star on this community and you deserve every kind things in the world. I mean, how can you even be real?! You’re always here for bloggers and more! ❤
      Thank you for everything, truly! And please read TSH!!! (Though it's not for everyone haha)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oh Clara you’re making me cry 😭😭😭 thank you so, so much for all of your sweet words, this means so much 😭 ❤ ❤
        And I added the book to my wishlist, hoping to get it soon 😀

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely post, Clara!! I actually didn’t discover Marie’s blog until a few months after blogging, but she is such an inspiration! Her and Nyx always have the most wonderful posts! Top Ten Tuesdays were my first meme as well, and I still dabble with it on occasion! I haven’t been quite as consistent with my blogging schedule, so I decided to put most memes on hold for now.

    I followed your bookstagram for a while, Clara, and I’m so happy to have discovered your blog over the past year! You’re such a sweet individual, and I love connecting with you on here and reading your posts! ❤


    1. Right?! Marie is a true star, and her blog deserves all the love! Her sister is just as amazing!!
      Totally understand why you put memes on hold, I did the same! I want to get back to it but how am I supposed to deal with everything haha!
      Oh Kelly!! You’re the absolute sweetest and I’m so glad to know you. Your blog and everything you do basically is a wonder. Thank you for being there and for your support ❤


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