Five (actually four) books to read during summer | Part 2, fantasy novels ☀️


Dear reader,

Before jumping onto this blog post I wanted to take the time to thank Marie and Alexandra who both nominated me for some Book Blogger Awards categories! It feels surreal to have people enjoying what I’m doing here, I truly find myself a new passion next to Instagram with this blog and I’m incredibly happy to see that you all seem to enjoy it too. So a big thank you to everyone and to those two amazing bloggers!

Now, let’s jump right in into the second part of my summer recommendations and let’s talk fantasy!

To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo

You will love this book if you like_.png

I read this book last year during summer, and I think that a Little Mermaid retelling sure has its place on this list. I completely fell in love with it and am in dire need to re-read it. It’s quite a dark tale, but it’s worth every second if you love fantasy and retellings! It’s absolutely perfect to read near the pool or the beach (or really anywhere).

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan

You will love this book if you like_.png

I grew up reading this series, reading a book per summer, and I still love it to death. The books take place during summer vacations, during which our hero Percy goes to a very special camp for demi-gods. I believe everyone has heard of him yet, but if not please check it out! It’s a middle grade series so it may not be for you, but it still makes it even better for summer because it’s quick and fun to read (trust me, it’s hilarious).

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh

You will love this book if you like_.png

I read this book years and years ago, it was one of the first YA book I read in English and I still adore it. It also is a retelling, this time of the Arabian Nights, and Renée Ahdieh’s writing style is to die for. I still know a lot of quotes by heart because of how good they are. Not a lot of people talk about this duology anymore (that I see of) but I believe it’s worth all the hype and it’ll definitely be perfect for your summer TBR.

The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare and Wesley Chu

You will love this book if you like_.png

Finally I had to recommend this one, though you kinda have to be up to date with the Shadowhunter world to read it, but I think you’re good to go if you want to read this one only. In this book we follow Magnus and Alec while they travel Europe together as a romantic vacation and fight demons on their way. It’s an adorable love story with tons of action, and it’ll definitely be easy to read on the beach!

And that’s it! The third and final part will come in two weeks before I’ll take a break from blogging during August – I’ll miss you so much, guys.

What fantasy book(s) would you recommend for the summer? Have you read any of those?

Love always,


thebookwormofnotredame (1)

12 thoughts on “Five (actually four) books to read during summer | Part 2, fantasy novels ☀️”

  1. Thanks for your recommendations! I haven’t read any of these but they seem really good! Actually, I’ve read Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief but I still need to get to the rest – maybe I’ll read them this summer.
    One of my favourite fantasy books to read in summer is probably Caraval or The Night Circus – they’re just so whimsical so even though not explicitly set in summer, the magic and thrill to me feels like a summer read!


  2. Ahh, of course Clara, you’re doing an incredible job and I love your blog so much ❤
    I love your recommendations here! I agree that no one talks about The Wrath and the Dawn anymore and it makes me a little sad, I love this duology so much as well ❤


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