Mini reviews | Holly Bourne edition

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Dear reader,

I have talked again and again about Holly Bourne on my blog, so I don’t think it’s a surprise that I’ve decided to write yet another blog post about her.

As I did once, here is a series of mini reviews, but make it all about Holly Bourne.

β₯ Am I Normal Yet?Β (The Spinster Club, book 1)

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I already talked a lot about this book on my blog, so I won’t necessarily repeat myself. I do have a whole review written about it if you ever fancy a look! All I will say is that it was my first Holly Bourne’s book and I was a bit scared because I wasn’t on board with the feminism in it but it made me feel so much better about my OCD and I’ll forever be thankful for it.

β₯ How Hard Can Love Be?Β (The Spinster Club, book 2)

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This book represents the moment I fell in love with Holly Bourne’s work. The feminism in it was corrected and it was everything I love in a contemporary. Like seriously, it takes place in a summer camp, how cool is that? (I have a soft spot for summer camp stories, though I never went to one.) Plus I adore that the author is actually british and talks about life in England – as a French person I see myself more in those books rather than in the American ones. Anyway,Β How Hard Can Love Be? was super addictive, entertaining and basically it wasΒ everything.

β₯ What’s a Girl Gotta Do?Β (The Spinster Club, book 3)

You will love this book if you like_ (2).png

This book was the last one I read from her for now and I couldn’t stop reading it. It was amazing. I still have no words for it. How can a book be so brilliant? The feminism was completely corrected, the girls did grew a lot throughout the series, and I loved everything. I loved how it was about friendship, about girls supporting girls, about making it right for every person out there. I really recommend this series for this book in particular (and forΒ How Hard Can Love Be?).

β₯Β It Only Happens in the Movies

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If I have to be honest this book was my least favourite from her. Nothing shoking or else, I was just a tad disappointed by the end. However it was super entertaining, well written and oh so clever and original. I never read anything like it and it was definitely make you feel a lot and a lot of things. I never read a love story like this one before, and I would recommend it.

And here we go!

I hope that you loved it. I haven’t read every book Holly Bourne wrote for now, but that’s definitely a mission of mine.

Have you ever read anything by her? Would you want to?

Love always,


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5 thoughts on “Mini reviews | Holly Bourne edition”

  1. Lovely reviews, Clara! I’m so glad the Spinster Club series just gets better and better, I’ve only read the first book so far and really enjoyed it so, I’m really looking forward to continuing! πŸ˜€


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