Why I love Spider-Man/Peter Parker so much πŸ’—

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Dear reader,

If you follow me on social media you may have noticed my oh so little obsession with the Marvel character Spider-Man, and therefor Peter Parker.

Okay, I can already hear all my friends laughing: I have a big obsession for him.

Recently I asked over Instagram and Twitter if people would be interrested in knowing why I actually love him that much, and surprisingly people have said yes. So here we are: be prepared to know all about my undying love for Spider-Man/Peter Parker.

β₯ He is funny (though it is to annoy villains)

It is a well known fact now, that Spider-Man is supposed to be funny. Whenever it’s in a movie or in a comic book he always answers ironically to villains while fighting. It makes the whole thing more entertaining to watch or to read. He usually does it to mock his ennemies but also to make the fight scenes look less dramatic. It has always been something I adored about him because you can never get bored with a Spider-Man movie or comic book.

β₯ He is nice and always dedicated to others

Obviously, like any other superheroes Spider-Man is known to be nice and to care about others. I found him even more moving than others because of everything he lost. He isn’t supposed to be a happy character as he basically sees everyone he loves dying. Still, he keeps fighting for the common good. For example, he cares about his aunt May so much and it’s so beautiful to watch or to read about, and he is also always fighting crime in order to keep the New York city safe. Again, it’s something many other super heroes do, but Peter Parker tends to spend a lot of time being Spider-Man during his “free time” because he feels concerned whenever he hears the police sirens ring.

β₯ He is necessarily violent, though he can become dangerous

Spider-Man isn’t known to be extremely violent. He can be, of course, and he can quickly become very powerful. But what he does on a daily basis is stopping crimes in his city and leaving the ennemies tangled in spider webs. Even if you look at the movies you can see how concerned he is about others: in Spider-Man: Homecoming he tries to help the Vulture and prevent him to die, and in Spider-Man 2 he actually tried to convince Doctor Octopus to go back to who he was and to stop this mess. I’m not a huge fan of superheroes killing others, so that’s why I always loved to see Spider-Man trying to stay less violent than he can be.

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β₯ He is mostly human

Obviously, Spider-Man is also Peter Parker, and that’s what I love so much about him. His secret identity lets him being a normal geeky teenager/man and his life is really amazing to read about or to watch. Whenever he is with aunt May, Harry or Ned, MJ or Gwen, whenever he is at school or at university or selling pictures of Spider-Man for a job, I just adore seeing him grow and being the amazing person he is. It’s his human side which makes him such a great superhero: you can easily relate to him and believe, as aunt May says, that everyone is a hero.

β₯ My love for Spider-Man: Homecoming

Though I love every Spider-Man movies there is (I’m currently rewatching them all and am having the time of my life) I will always have a soft spot for Spider-Man: Homecoming, and its due to very personal reasons. One of the story line of this movie is how Peter actually hates being who he is and would trade his normal life for Spider-Man’s in a heartbeat. You can see him waiting to leave school to be able to be Spider-Man and always choosing his superhero life rather than his normal life. Obviously the story changes when Iron Man confronts him and finally tells him the line that really spoke to me, “If you are nothing without the suit then you shouldn’t have it“. He then learns how to be himself before being Spider-Man.

You may not know this but I used to write a lot and to play written role playing games online. It lasted years. I would come home after school to play someone else on the Internet or to write about being someone else. I even started playing on my phone during school time. I just couldn’t stop as I didn’t see the point in being who I was. At this time my depression was really awful and nothing felt right. I hated how I looked, who I was, my diabetes, everything. I couldn’t go out without feeling shameful and embarassed. I missed school a lot because I felt stupid and unable to survive hours of lectures. I only lived for those hours of being someone else. Someone prettier, someone who had a love life, someone who was smart and had a personality, someone who wasn’t diabetic and so on. It was only when I turned 19 or 20 that I stopped playing and actually started being who I really was. It took me a lot of bravery to do so, but I’m still glad I did. Just like Peter, I learned to be who I was instead of trying to fly from it. After all, with great powers come great responsabilities, right?

I really saw myself in that movie, in what Peter was feeling. I already loved Spider-Man before, but this movie truly changed something in me. It was as if it told me I did the right thing and that I could now move on with my life. I’ll forever be thankful for it.

So here it is! It may all sound stupid but Spider-Man/Peter Parker truly is important to me. It also happens that Tom Holland is (well, the idea of him as I don’t know the guy). I’m very grateful for it all.

Are your a comic book fan? Who is your favourite superhero? Or who is one important character to you?

Love always,


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5 thoughts on “Why I love Spider-Man/Peter Parker so much πŸ’—”

  1. Great post! I like Spider-man too, mainly because he is relatable as a character, and rather than a shallow one, Peter Parker is portrayed as a character that has conflicts with himself and experiences problems that most people experience. Despite having superpowers, he is but a human like everyone else.


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