My favourite places to read πŸ’—

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Dear reader,

We all have a routine as book lovers. We all have favourite moments to read during the day but also favourite places to do so. Some people love to read in the car, some don’t (or can’t because, you know, car sickness). The list goes on and on, as we are all unique and all have our preferences.

Today I want to share with you all my own favourite reading spots. I hope that you’ll like it!


The metro is my absolute favourite place to read and definitely where I get most of my reading done. It’s not only because I can’t use my phone while in it, it’s mostly because reading help me face hard situations. For 18 years of my life I have been unable to go anywhere alone. I still can’t go anywhere alone at night, but thanks to books I can now take the metro alone without panicking. Often I missed my station because I was reading, but there’s nothing like being immersed in a good book on your way to work or to see your friends.

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A guide on how to read in the metro:

  • Put some light music in your hears 🎧
  • Wear something comfortable enough
  • Open a good book on your lap πŸ“š
  • Put away your bookmark
  • Let yourself forget everything about the real world (but try to make it on time to your work place) πŸ’—


I don’t often read on my couch because I don’t tend to go in the living room when my parents are in it (nothing weird, I just don’t feel like sitting next to them and reading, I’ll probably get distracted) but whenever I can I always have the best time. It always makes me feel good to be on my couch with a good book and it’s something I love to do whenever I’m feeling down. It’s part of my self care routine and I will forever love it.

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A guide on how to read on the couch:

  • Wear your favourite pjs and funny socks
  • Grab a cup of coffee or tea β˜•
  • Cover yourself with a soft blanket
  • Open a good book on your lapΒ πŸ“š
  • Put away your bookmark
  • Spend hours in your favourite imaginary worldΒ πŸ’—


CafΓ©s are amazing to read or to write. There’s something magical about it and I absolutely adore going to one with a book. Recently I went alone in a Starbucks only to read and it was such a big achievement for me. I honestly had an amazing time and it felt so good to be there with a good cup of coffee and a portal to a happiest place between my hands. I can’t wait to do it again somewhen soon.

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A guide on how to read in a cafΓ©:

  • Order your favourite beverage β˜•
  • Pick a good sitting spot
  • Open a good book on the table πŸ“š
  • Put away your bookmark
  • Forget about everything except your drink and your book πŸ’—


I never thought I would one day say it as I used to dislike baths for a huge part of my life, but lately I have been loving taking one and only reading for an hour in it. I guess I finally understood how to read in the bath and I’m so happy about it. Away from my phone I can just relax and let myself being immersed in the story I’m currently reading.

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A guide on how to read in the bath:

  • Get yourself a cup of coffee or tea β˜•
  • Don’t forget to bring water
  • Grab a bath tray and a reading anchor if you have one πŸ›
  • Get in the hot water
  • Grab your bookΒ πŸ“š
  • Put away your bookmark
  • Read for hours without realising it πŸ’—

And that’s it!

Do we have common reading spots? Where do you love to read? I want to know everything!

Love always,


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12 thoughts on “My favourite places to read πŸ’—”

  1. I love this post!
    My favorite reading spot is probably my bed. I usually wrap myself in a huge blanket and sit in the corner (this might be the best spot to read when it’s dark outside, especially with fairy lights on and some candles lit around the room!)

    My 2nd favorite reading spot is either at the beach or park. I live only a few minutes away from the beach, and during Spring / Autumn seasons it’s my favorite spot. Warm, but quite. It’s been a while since I made some time to go to the beach with a good book. But the weather is finally getting better, so I might do just that this Saturday ❀


  2. this is a lovely post, Clara! ❀ I do a lot of my reading on my commute to work and I've learned to immerse myself into my reading then too and I love it so much , it makes all the time there a little more bearable somehow haha πŸ™‚


  3. I’m easily distracted myself so at least with hardcopies or ebooks I pretty much need peace and quiet of my room. Audiobooks on the other hand I can do pretty much anywhere. I only worry they distract me too much from other things!


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